Lamar Odom


After having dreamt with the NBA legend a few times while on the show, Lamar decided to pay homage to Kobe Bryant by having his likeness tattooed on his neck where all can see.

Former NBA star and walking reality TV show Lamar Odom says that these days, he’s staying on a straight and narrow and straying from the revolving door of drugs, court battles and toxic relationships that is (or was) his life.


Given that LO is under contract to fight contenders until March of 2022, it might happen.

Lamar Odom says one of his worst nights is wasn’t completely his doing. He claims he was possibly drugged the night of his overdose.

The Boston Celtics big man sent a threatening shot towards Lamar Odom after the retired player left a flirty message under Khloe Kardashian's Instagram photo and Thompson made it clear that it's a line Odom can no longer cross.

Another chapter has been added to Lamar Odom’s book of struggles. A judge recently blasted him for missing his child support payments despite being able to box Aaron Carter. 


But he's not the only recovering addict to get down with Celebrity Boxing as former pop star Aaron Carter is also about to test his hand skills in the ring in a separate card


Though she didn't specify exactly what Lamar has gotten back into, we're all too familiar with his episodes at brothels, hospitals and his other problematic episodes.

During what was surely a dark time in his life, former NBA star and Kardashian curse victim Lamar Odom pawned his NBA championship rings. Now the fancy bauble are hitting the auction block, and will potentially reel in six-figure price tags that Odom will see none of.

Lamar Odom has lived one hell of a life. The former NBA baller sat down with TV One’s Uncensored and got very candid about the mistakes he made in life. One egregious error, in particular, is gaining attention, and that was him choosing Khloe Kardashian over Taraji P.Henson.

With his days of living wild and on the edge behind him, former NBA star Lamar Odom has completely turned his life around and now he can call himself a bestselling author to boot. Taking to Instagram to thank his children and ex-wife Khloe Kardashian, Odom got some of that love back.

Lamar Odom has lived quite a life and as he approaches his 40th this fall, he’ll do so having revealed a lot about his personal life via a new memoir. In the book Darkness To Light, Odom shares how he used a prosthetic penis to pass drug tests for the 2004 Summer Olympics as a […]