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Over the weekend, A$AP Rocky, a proud Harlem native, gave back to the neighborhood that raised him at an event held by Simone “Boss Lady” Amelia. The gathering is the first of many more coined The Breakthrough.

Rocky chatted with New York Youth At Risk at the National Black Theater. With Amelia serving as moderator, the rapper discussed his relationship with his mother, growing up in NYC and more.

“The reason why I wanted to come here today is because I come from the same background as y’all. You feel me?,” Rocky said. Throughout the conversation, that PMF would go on to elaborate on his upbringing, a great portion of which he spent living in homeless shelters.

“I was fortunate enough to have both parents,” Rocky recalled. But he has vivid memories of how things got tough for he and his mother when his father was incarcerated. Thus the time the two spent in shelters.

Things have since changed for the young MC. His popular track “F**kin’ Problems” is actually nominated for a Grammy. Dreams really do come true. Hear A$AP Rocky speak in the footage below.

Photo: YouTube/Boss Lady NYC

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