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The term “lyricist” has become truly subjective in today’s rap landscape. Rhyming words and engaged vocal deliveries are still a feat to be marveled at, yet if many of MC’s lyrics were truly analyzed when they get plastered onto the RapGenius archives, then the level of nonsensical poetry will be highlighted in full.

Alexander Dreamer is a product of today’s generation but one listen of “Freedom of Speech,” a bonus track from his upcoming album, Dance With the Devil, you’ll know his notebook is actually comprehensible before it’s transcribed into audio form through the mic filter.

Similar to an wet behind the ears Kanye and J. Cole before him, the Columbus, OH native writes and produces his own compositions. There’s partial truths that such practices allow an artist to totally master their songs, thus giving a true organic offering for listeners to absorb.

Listen below to Mr. Dreamer plead the first amendment for bonus cut and keep it locked since Dance With the Devil is waltzing onto Soundcloud and LiveMixtapes on January 6, 2014.

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