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Grammy Rap Committee Allegedly Didn’t Want Macklemore To Be Nominated


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ big wins at the American Music Awards were met with great disdain by the Hip-Hop community and it appears like the rap committee for the Grammy Awards shared the same sentiment.

Via Vulture:

According to an unnamed AP source, the rap committee of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences tried to disown Macklemore & Ryan Lewis from their awards categories.

“Most” members of the rap committee felt that the “Thrift Shop” and “Same Love” duo shouldn’t qualify for rap nominations “because of their success on mainstream radio and their appeal in the pop world.”

Naturally, that didn’t fly with the higher authorities and hence, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are nominated for seven awards, including the coveted Best Album for the 2012 The Heist effort.

Despite the lack of popular opinion in their corner, the duo from Seattle have been highly visible in a means to support their golden trophy causes. They recently performed their hit “Can’t Hold Us” on a moving NYC bus and were the featured halftime entertainment during the NFC Championship game.

The entire ordeal is based on opinions but it still makes you wonder, with the overwhelming not to see this guy dominate Hip-Hop for the commercial viewpoint, how qualified is the general Grammy committee to throw their two pennies into rap conversations?

Macklemore even admitted to The Source magazine that Kendrick Lamar’s good kid, m.A.A.d city was superior to that of his own.

Rappers don’t win many Grammy Awards anyway so that argument should live to fight another day.

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  • I saw this coming. White-t is going to take everything from black people yet black people of today, just shake their heads and nod. It’s a damn shame that white-t has stolen every got damn thing from the black culture, from Kemet (egypt) to dance, literature, invention to music. It horrible when Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke will be crowned the creators of R&B and Mackelmore, Kei$ha and other palefaces will be deemed the kings and queens of hip hop. The Academy like the rest of the world would rather see white faces then black with the only exception being LL Cool J, whose career status is green$$$ and fake jew friendly.

    • CriticXXtreme

      Yep black-e invented peanut butter, dance and R&B. White-t invented such things as space travel, automobiles, telephones, internet, computers and modern medicine. So I’ll quit eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while listening to Marvin Gaye if you promise to quit using things invented by white-t.

      • hys2pid

        Wrong. That was also stolen from other cultures. The only thing white-e invented was some bullshit religion and hate.

      • NotTelling My Realname

        white ppl invented hate? lol it must be scary living in your tiny worldview

      • TenilleT

        White people invented rap? and slang and dance? and everything being used in mainstream media today? I think not. Admit it, this country is not original because it doesn’t have enough self esteem to invent its own. It must copy from other cultures in order to justify cool.


    Lets be honest; they’d never cut a black person out for having ‘too popular a mainstream record.’ Thats one thing that bothers me about our community. We are quick to call something unfair, but when its the opposite way around, we let it walk past. Unfair is unfair. I don’t think they should win but they did have one of the best albums out. I will take him over the nonsense and foolishness i hear in some of these rap songs ANYDAY

  • Logic Nthe Chi

    kendrick lamar steals music concepts like the rest of the talentless mainstream.
    check control on soundcloud This one of the ideas of ours he stole with Small sean and the other rapper on the song. Who is small sean on the track of theirs saying rap slow? on the new song with dre who from chicago is kendrick lamar claiming he pimps? Logic in the Chi is whose image He will continue to try to steal. I don’t mind admiration just credit for concepts.

    • Logic Nthe Chi

      my troy My song dropped 1st

  • Sienna

    Lets be honest Mackelmore shouldn’t win anything or be nominated for anything because his songs are goofy! That Thrift Store is a joke right, no one took that serious. If you did lord help you. White or Black Mackelmore sucks.