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Nicki Minaj’s “Boss Ass B*tch” Freestyle Lands P.T.A.F. Record Deal With Capitol


The Internets largely scoffed at Nicki Minaj’s take on P.T.A.F.’s independently released “Boss Ass B*tch” but it ultimately worked wonders for the three-woman rap group.

FADER did some digging in the lives of Kandii, K Duceyyy and Alizé, the trio known collectively as Pretty and Taking All Fades, (P.T.A.F. for simplicity), and discovered that an A&R for Capitol Music Group took the initiative and harnessed what talent the Compton girls possibly possessed and signed them to a record deal to distribute their hit single.

After Nicki’s remix, P.T.A.F. also attracted the attention of Eesean “E” Bolden, an A&R for Capitol Music Group. With Bolden’s help, P.T.A.F. signed a single deal with Capitol in January. The label—which, like Nicki’s labels Cash Money/Young Money and Republic, is owned by Universal—had Nicki’s remix taken down from SoundCloud and connected P.T.A.F. with Nicki’s management team.

Capitol hopes to officially release a version co-starring Nicki, under P.T.A.F.’s name. “My girls will not be featuring on her song, she will be featuring on ours,” says DeVoe. So far, that hasn’t happened. Earlier this week, Capitol rereleased the original single yet again on iTunes, without Nicki. It’s uncertain whether the label’s relationship with P.T.A.F. will develop into an album release, but they’ve set up with an engineer and introduced them to producers.

Details for a full-length project are scarce, if non-existent, but the trio did release another single titled “Do Your Sh*t” (featured on the next page). Honestly speaking, their level of expertise is amateur at best but struggle seems to be in these days.

Perhaps the most puzzling finding in the story is that the Pretty girls openly admitted to being non-fans of Nicki Minaj. “I thought she could have tried harder to contact us, Kandii told FADER, as they were upset to be unprepared for the newfound attention.

You can’t teach grateful, folks.

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  • Mercedes Miller

    I’m not happy these girls got a record deal. Do you hear what they are talking about? Burners, and jumping girls? What about the positive Lauren Hill rap? They will not go far in the industry with this negativity. They got a record deal because that’s all white people think of young black girls in the hood. They are just a side show circus act that could make them a lot of money, and since the girls are usually uneducated, record execs will probably take off with the royalties.

  • so_disrespectful

    i am happy for them.

  • Un-grate-ful!

  • i’m just saying

    She was not making money from the song. It was just a freestyle. Rappers have been beat-jacking on freestyles and mix-tapes for years. Looks like they setting them chicks up to fail. Fan or not, do they really think Nicki is gonna do a official remix. Wasting time, should have to it as a complement and moved on. Boosting their heads for no reason at all.