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The 10 Most Surprising Facts From The Miami Dolphins Hazing Scandal Report [PHOTOS]

Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter


The offensive line planned a group trip to Las Vegas in January of 2012. Martin did not want to attend and flew in a day later than the rest of his teammates:

“Martin: Yo you flying into Vegas Thursday?

Incognito: Yea, 3;30

Martin: Ok cool. I’m getting in Friday, I got a meeting that morning. When you leaving, Monday?

Incognito: Friday…. R u f—ing serious

Martin: Yup… Don’t worry I know I still gotta pay for hookers lol

Martin: I gotta get at least one for [Player A]…

Incognito: Don’t forget the cocaine too

Incognito: No dude hookers u fa—-t

Incognito: Don’t blame ur gay tendancies on [Player A]

Martin: I’m gonna get more b—-es in 2 nights than all of you combined

Incognito: Stop it. By b—-es u mean cocks in ur mouth

Incognito: U f—ing mulatto liberal bitch

Incognito: I’m going to sh-t in ur eye

Incognito: Goodnight slut

Incognito: Tell ur squirting sister I said hi

Martin: Ah yes I missed being demeaned by you boys lol… Can’t wait for this weekend”

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  • Catherine

    What a shame! These are grown men too. Disgusting!

  • franklin

    is any of this really all that surprising?