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The 10 Most Surprising Facts From The Miami Dolphins Hazing Scandal Report [PHOTOS]

Photo: Fox News

Photo: Fox News

Nate Garner

Lineman Nate Garner got taunted Incognito too:

“Incognito: Excited for tonight Nate is on the verge of killing us all. 

Long: Good man It will be a good one for u guys tonight. Haha. What r u guys doing to Nate.

Incognito: Since we cut samuda we have been non stop on nate. Even turner is in on it. He looks like he’s about to cry 24/7.

Long: Hahahaha. He’s gonna go crazy one of these days.”

Garner then reached out to Jonathan Martin once the scandal became public:

“Hey bro if u need to talk to anyone I’m here for ya. I have been dealing with this sh-t for 6 years. I hope ur coin ok”

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  • Catherine

    What a shame! These are grown men too. Disgusting!

  • franklin

    is any of this really all that surprising?