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Not Guilty: 6 Cases Of Wrongful Convictions [PHOTOS]


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Stanley Wrice

Stanley Wrice did 30 years in an Illinois Prison before his release last December. Sentenced to 100 years, Wrice was accused in a 1982 rape that he falsely confessed to after police tortured and beat him for hours.

His allegations against the Chicago police department added to more than 20 other inmates who accused authorities of the same tactics. As a result, Chicago has shelled out over $80 million in torture cases over the years.

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  • Rashida

    A travesty of justice that these black men were locked up like animals for a crime they didn’t commit. A sin and a shame. Not sure how those pigs who sent them there can sleep at night knowing what they have done.

    • TheStacyKeys

      Why can’t they lock up the prosecutor, witnesses and officers, who lied and covered up, so these innocents spent a long time in jail?