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NYC Man Catches Vicious Fade From Arizona Trucker, Slander Ensues [PHOTOS]



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  • Noooo, he wasn’t ready!!! ||

  • AllShadeEverything

    Lmao! but if you knew you wasn’t bout it…..

    • SnowStormsinDetroit

      Apparently HE DIDNT KNOW!!! Lololooo

  • 2RealTho

    NEW YORK N!&&&@$ TAKE YET ANOTHER L!!!!!!!!

    • SnowStormsinDetroit


      Seems like dem negggazz be gettin HANDLED!!…,..

      All across the GLOBE!! Lmaao

  • bigdawgman

    I know it’s old, but ….
    “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong! Episode #12”

  • iRememberStruggle

    To be fair the New York dude did get his hands caught up in his own shirt sleeves.

    • hwy505

      To be fair he took the first swing – so everything after that is off the table.

      • iRememberStruggle

        What does that have to be with what I posted?

      • Rebel22lax

        I think @hwy505:disqus is hinting at street fighting 101 such as dont wear a hoodie ie someone can pull the hood over your face and proceed to pound you eyes back or a personal favorite always eye up loose items if you get in a pinch ie that half a brick by the bush can become your new best friend if a 1 on 1 becomes a group situation.

    • steelcapped rage

      To be fair, the swaggot couldn’t fight and really wasn’t down to. I could tell that as soon as he started popping off at the mouth like a female.

  • SnowStormsinDetroit

    DaaaaYum …That Cracker was thowin….



  • KyngHype

    The slander is real lmmfao

  • You’renotme

    LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO See that is why he got his a$$ mopped up! Yea you was by urself and got beat by urself!! I died when ole boy said “Ain’t nobody jumping nobody” LMAO

  • magnetik


  • You’renotme

    The slip and slide had me dying!! OMG! DEAD@delete ya gram B lol

  • Will

    His name told the whole story. Any true NY thoroughbred aint calling himself ‘Swaggedout”.

    • steelcapped rage

      He needs to change his name to “Stompedout”

  • newdnewd

    The guy in the orange had me crying, funniest hype man in a fight video

    • steelcapped rage


  • GB

    If you end up in a yoga “cobra pose”, I think it’s safe to say the fight didn’t go as planned.

    • Ova


    • African Royalty

      Dead 😀

    • logical black chic

      Ny dude had him but white guy was too big ….at the ebd of the day we laughing people can die from fights just like that, trust i know first hand, not funny sorry. Dont matter who won to me violence isnt nice.

    • MandyDoll

      ROFL! “Cobra pose!” You’re right it was not a success.

  • hwy505

    If he says he’s from NYC – he’s from New Jersey…

    • iRememberStruggle

      So what do people from NYC say?

      • Ivoblack

        We claim the actual borough…nothing less

      • iRememberStruggle

        Makes sense.

      • danybx


      • steelcapped rage

        That’s what I thought.

    • REALLY23

      FOH this sucker is from NYC… Don’t try to put him off on us…

  • CapoteJones

    Man… this has got to be one of the funniest posts of the year so far. They straight clowned him for that beatdown.

  • quiet7wisdom

    That made me shed a slight tear…it was like watching UFC

  • Mike

    These new age cats kill me running up on the camera for face time, only to get his @ss handed to him! The dude is the perfect definition of an social media dude testing his skills on the street.

  • @kasuwell

    why would fight in the pocket vs someone with that big of a size advantage ? I would have stayed on the outside and fucked them legs up dude has no idea how to fight

  • Mike

    Look how corny this dude looks walking away from the camera! Pay close attention to the bottom of dudes shoes when hes on the ground. He got his soles beat off!!!!! Got the nerve to be claiming NY. Stay ya @ss out there!

  • African Royalty

    He got his dome rocked soo bad he started doing Yoga lol! word to the wise if you skinny and the person you fighting is fat remember to stick and move!

  • Marty

    Dude in the green shirt sounds like one of the rednecks from GTA 5 survival mode in the Boneyard…

    • emmalilly

      …and you know this how?

      • Marty

        Because i’ve played GTA 5 before you weirdo. why are you stalking my comments. it was made in jest. get a life

  • sadowolf

    The Wolf of Wall Street one made me legit fall out of my chair laughing



  • JJ

    I’ll admit he deserved it but the “trucker” went too far with it. There’s a point when you’ve won the fight and should stop..and when you nearly beat the guy to death that’s too far

    • WorkingMan

      Heat of battle, heat of battle. Trucker guy held himself back very well considering he was attacked physically first as can be seen in the video clearly. And his buddy kept back too, no suckerpunching, no gang beatdown, no stomping on homie’s skull. It was straight up one on one and the white man won.

  • The_internut

    The guy in the green looks like he has some wrestling skills. His striking skills aren’t good at all, but for the purpose of pounding some sense into the New Yorker, they did suffice.

    New York boy is actually the lucky one. For one thing, the guy in the green shirt could have kept pounding away, but mercifully stopped. Also, New York boy is fortunate that this battle was kept one-on-one, since anyone could have kicked his head in while he was on the ground.

    As for New York boy possibly suing the guy in the green for damaging his brain from the pounding, I don’t think he has a case. You cannot damage that which does not exist…

  • Brittany

    talk sh*t get hit

  • somedood

    That guy claiming NYC & who looked like a seal after that critical beatdown, is now dead.

    • The_internut

      Rumors of his demise are greatly exaggerated. Either that, or someone else is using his awful Twitter account.

  • Nino AKA Cracka Killa

    ill whip ya head boy…. you know that I will….

  • Eric

    The black guy looked like he was mentally disturbed. Of course he followed the fat white dudes and started the physical part of the fight so fatboy did have the right to defend himself. Neither one could fight for sheet. Fatboy’s punches look lame as hell, but if you hit someone cleanly that many times you don’t have to have the power of Earnie Shavers. The orange shirt guy is the biggest douche of them all. Green shirt seems alright and the black NYC thug wannabe is not all there. Wish green shirt would have layed a smackdown on orange shirt douchebag.

  • The Enlightened One

    cant say he didn’t ask for it.. ask and you shall receive lol…….

  • MandyDoll

    Does anyone know why this started?

  • Armyghy

    Question – if they did in fact hurl the “n” word at this walking shitbag, how is that any worse from him saying the same thing to them over a dozen times?

  • marz

    If you guys do your research, he died later in the hospital from head injury. Looks like big boy trucker will be doing 25 to life for manslaughter.

  • WhatYouDidToUs, WeWillDoToYou

    Black man should thank trucker for not killing him.