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August Alsina Hangs Himself On Instagram, Fans Not Feeling It [PHOTOS]



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  • Aaliyah Noelle

    Smh. I like some of his music but his attitude so bad that he’s killing his own career. August stupid. Most his music mediocre. He just getting by cus he look good.

    • S Jo

      This album cover looks so ugly and stupid!!!

  • joel

    Typical of us as black people. Say nothing when a black person acts mentally retarded but let a white person say or do it and we get all righteous.

    • smackyobitchass

      Don’t bring white ppl into this idiot

  • Blessed

    I’m not feeling this guys attitude. I don’t see him lasting in the industry.

  • Shuvonneco Von Jones

    Really August that was dumb

  • smackyobitchass

    He’s extra… and no one believed me…

    • Bambi

      Nothing worst than a MALE attention wh0re!

  • JRenay

    He hung his self cause he ain’t no b**** n****, no snitch n****. Just a real a** lame n****.

  • whatsup

    I find this offensive. ..ive had a friend commit suicide

  • Otis Django

    Wonder how many people are going to see this and make a terribly sad choice. Not cool.

    • Mocha23

      He’s a dark, disturbed “artist ” if that’s what u call it.

      • Otis Django

        These clowns today are not “artist”. They have no musical education or training. They only seek to shock and offend, all in an effort to get attention which they hope will equate to music sales.


        That’s what happens when these singers and rappers only been working at their craft for a few months then blow up…it takes years to become exellent…I think August has potential but its his attitude that’s messed up

      • Otis Django

        and he might just mess up and get caught in his own rope and unintentionally hang himself. There were some guys trying to play a prank a few years back and one actually died.

      • Mocha23

        You nailed it! I feel sorry for this new generation their souls r being fed crap!


    Poor August……he has no idea…I’ve been reading a lot of comments and it seems like I’m the only one who has anything positive to say about him…sure he has a messed up attitude but he’s a street cat who blew up at age 21 what do u expect..he’s going to make mistakes

  • Starr King


  • Terry Dixon

    It’s not the talent that sells because their isn’t any its the gimmicks that lures the mindless. Makes no sense!

  • Goten #ZSquad

    What a bad example

  • Chanelle

    What project is this for?bc I heard it was for an upcoming project…anyway diddy on u can hate me now was on the cross and so was kanye so y ppl actin like his career is goin to be over.like ppl do weird shit…but over time nobody cares.I just think ppl doin exxxtrrra to this pic because its weird.but ppl got a lil anger bc he said one lil curse word to keyshia chante on BET ….

  • tray

    He whack af

  • Jason Morris

    Too bad he didn’t really do it

  • GregDoran

    I say he go on ahead and hang himself. He would be doing this world a favor. Good riddance I say……..

  • “TheDixieDrifter”

    This dude has some serious issues . A mind is a precious thing to waste .