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Black Twitter Comes At Mike Epps For Beating Up Comedian [Photos]


Mike Epps and his shenanigans are no friend to Black Twitter and once again, the declining comedian has found himself in their crosshairs of unadulterated ridicule.

Earlier today, the Atlanta Police Department issued out a warrant for Epps’ arrest over his involvement in a beatdown of comedian Lavar Walker because of a parody video that was made on Instagram.

Walker poked fun at the ongoing beef between Epps and Kevin Hart and made reference to the assumption that Epps was addicted to “nose candy.” Apparently it wasn’t all fun and games when Epps (and two other men) approached Walker at a Atlanta comedy club and gave him an unsolicited trip the hospital. Allegedly.

According to MyFoxAtlanta, Epps even made a phone call to Walker, forewarning him of events to come.

Naturally, that type of behavior didn’t sit well with Black Twitter (or the Georgia authorities) and Mike Epps fell victim to an online fade.

Check out the type of slander Mike’s mentions racked up. Did he deserve it or nah? Let us know your thoughts on this struggle in the comments below.


Photos: Johnny Louis/, Twitter

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  • Brotha 4Real

    First things first, HHW, hire a professional writer to write these blogs, cause ya’ll clearly lack the skill(s) to write a simple elementary sentence. Secondly, WTF is black twitter? Is this a part of twitter that white folks are not allowed to leave a message/response on? Could this be the Black Panther Party/Nation Of Islam/NAACP/National Action Network/Affirmative Action part of twitter? Talk black to me! Brothas’ & Sistas’!

  • TheTruth

    Folks are too sensitive today. Most of these dudes walking around have too much estrogen in their system. Now there is comedy circuit beef? Folks have always said that while comedians love to clown people, they are often incapable of being on the receiving end of a joke.

  • disqus_vwtwJwBLkO

    If this is ture, I’m no longer an fan of Epps. TIRED of this BS. Blacks got to do better. 🙁

    • Mars Sirius

      When black folks generalize an entire race of black people…its easy for whytes to do the same thing… Please stop with the black people must do better routine!!! We are all different!!!

    • tracy smith

      I stopped being a Mike Epps fan when he degraded his daughter

  • GuestwithacapG

    When you crack jokes about someone, you might have to see them. Be prepared for what may come.

  • Bottom Line

    Mike Epps thanked all 6 of his fans!! Lol…

  • MocaPretty

    Awww man say it aint so Day Day dayum! U dont need to put them paws on anyone —its just COMEDY


    why are people surprised? look at the awful things he said to his own daughters.