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Azealia Banks: 11 High & Low Moments In Her Career [Photos]


Azalea Banks has had an eventful career in the last few years. She started out getting shine for her music and now we mostly only talk about her beefs.

About a week ago, Banks apologized for some of her indiscretions, particularly regarding the LGBTQ community and using a homophobic slur. “It wasn’t nice and it wasn’t fair,” she tweeted. “I hope the entire LGBTQ community will forgive me.”

Banks added, “I sincerely want to apologize to anyone who was hurt by the things I’ve said in the past.”

The atonement tactic didn’t last too long. Banks is back to –some — of her old ways. She rehashed a beef with T.I. (which is really about Iggy Azalea) this morning by slandering his wife’s facial features. The Kang defended his woman’s, honor of course, and now Banks is threatening a lawsuit (yeah, all that.)

After what went down with Tip today she might want to think about a vacation from Twitter, and any other social media outlets tempting her to engage in more Internet thuggery.

While she does that, maybe she can reflect on the ups and down of her career.

Hit the gallery for 11 examples.

Photos: Instagram

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  • AndreaConley

    I love her music and she’s so talented, I just wish she would stick to the music.

  • Tamara Jones

    See…this is exactly what she wanted. ATTENTION!!

  • Brittany

    what she had a high moment?

  • PolkaDots

    What? Someone threw a can of beer at her? WTF is wrong with people? No class or restraint. If you don’t like someone IN CONCERT – WALK OUT.

  • It’s okay AZ. We know your frustration. Really people that know real music know how the indusTItry put you down. It’s okay. Real talent is on a rise and you will be back on top.