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Kanye West Says He’s Taking The Heat For All Interracial Couples


Kanye West is revisiting his role as Yeezus being crucified, but this time it’s for his new swirly marriage with Kim Kardashian.

The 37-year-old superstar had been dating Kardashian two years prior to their engagement and birth of their daughter North, but according to his own perspective, he’s carrying the cross for all relationships that intertwine races.

According to Hollyscoop, Kanye proclaims people don’t understand his relationship with Kim Kardashian and they’re taking the heat for all interracial couples. Right.

“You have to be able to take the lashes when people don’t understand,” Kanye explains. “[It’s been] two years of people not understanding an interracial relationship. It’s been two years of not understanding the art world meeting the pop world. You have to take the lash and be able to swim in the backlash,” he says.

The two were married last month in an extravagant European wedding and although the bliss of the honeymoon is wearing off, he plans to be in it for the long fight.

“I get bashed so much, but create so much,” he continued. “Just know, if you’re going to be a boxer, you’re going to get your face beaten constantly. But then you might you may end up being a Mayweather or Ali at the end of the day.”

Peep the video below and let us know how believable Yeezy’s quotes are in the comment section below.



Check out Moguldom Films new documentary The Swirl to gain insight on interracial relationships.

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  • She’ll

    Bye Felecia y’all not the first inter racial marriage. She more black than the new him anyway. So is most her family

  • champhf

    so basically he is the one that mattered …..and now the world is round again.

  • Nehes Ba’a Rayay

    it’s because of your “Global” platform Yeezy. #theblindinglightofmisinformationmustend

  • tellitlikeitis

    Boy bye! It ain’t even been 2 years since his engagement…she was still married to her 2nd husband while they were dating and she got knocked up or did he forget that? These lies this boy keep telling…..just keep your mouth shut and enjoy your 72 day marriage to this broad. Maybe this 3rd marriage for her will last that long….SMH