Some folks on Black Twitter are up in arms that the "Hot N*gga" rapper is dating a white woman, prompting some passionate reactions.


Michael B. Jordan found himself becoming a trending topic on Twitter Tuesday (Jan. 2) but not for reasons connected to his upcoming role in Marvel’s Black Panther film. Instead, the chiseled actor has Black Twitter divided after the social media revelation of his rumored new girlfriend who does not appear to be Black.

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A series of KKK recruitment fliers in Jacksonville, Florida threaten violence against "Black apes caught making eyes at white women."


Both James Harden and Khloe Kardashian tend to like their fill of meat on the opposite side of the color spectrum so it was only a matter of time before these two B-list celebs made a play for one another. Right?

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Should Drake ever find that his stock of heavy-bottomed sidepieces is running low, he can take comfort in knowing that there’s plenty of aged swirl waiting to fill the void.


Will Smith just finished putting out the cinematic dumpster fire that was After Earth by watching his new film, Focus, rake in a cool $20 million during its opening weekend. Surprisingly, Smith’s character’s interracial love affair with Jess (played by Margot Robbie) got little reaction.

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If you’re one of the 500K+ followers of Romeo Miller on social media, then you would have noticed the son of Master P creeping with a model-type blonde woman by the name of Toneata Morgan.

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Kanye West is revisiting his role as Yeezus being crucified, but this time it’s for his new swirly marriage with Kim Kardashian.

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You can blame slavery, poor race relations or even a lack of respect for their mommas, but rappers have long been obsessed with white girls.


It may be 2012, but interracial dating is still not accepted in every household. An 18-year-old British woman got a serious beat down courtesy of her own parents, and all because of her Black boyfriend.  David and Frances Champion were sentenced to prison time for attacking their daughter, Jane. They threatened her with the beating, […]

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