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It may be 2012, but interracial dating is still not accepted in every household. An 18-year-old British woman got a serious beat down courtesy of her own parents, and all because of her Black boyfriend.  David and Frances Champion were sentenced to prison time for attacking their daughter, Jane. They threatened her with the beating, if they found her and boyfriend, Alfonce Ncube, in a “state of undress,” and later followed through.

According to prosecutor Nicole Powell, after finding Ncube in his house, Mr. Champion threw the young man out, then went in on his daughter. He grabbed her by the hair and hit her, telling her that she was “destroying the family,” before pushing her out the front door. He also launched racial epithets  in Ncube’s direction. Upon learning of the relationship he reportedly punched his daughter in the face, grabbed her by the throat, and pummeled her.

The altercation turned into a tag-team bout as Mrs. Champion jumped in, hitting her daughter for bringing “shame on her family.”

The couple also went to the local restaurant where Ncube worked to harass him.

Georgina Buckley, the attorney defending Mrs. Champion said that the incident was fueled by alcohol and that her client is “remorseful,” and sent her daughter a text message “wishing her well.”

Judge Peter Heywood called the assault “disgraceful” before giving Frances nine months in prison, and her husband, 12 months.

One day after the sentencing Jane announced that she was moving in with Ncube. “Jane has to live a lie for 18 months, that’s how worries she was about what her parents would say. She and Alfie have now told them they are in love,” revealed a friend. “They’ve been very brave by sticking together in the face of so much hostility and she’s very sad and upset at the way things have turned out.”

Ncube and his girlfriend aren’t the only couple to face racial discrimination. In February, a Black man was convicted of mailing a noose to a mixed couple in Detroit, and in Mississippi a Black couple was barred from having their wedding in a predominately White church.


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Photo” Wales News Service