Damon Richardson

Fictional Character “Daquan” Fuels Racially Charged Memes [Photos]



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  • judgejoebrown

    i love it.

  • keena

    I love Black Twitter, but only when they’re effecting change. This is stupid.

    • shero

      black twitter is good for nothing; theyve yet to effect any tangible change. everything is a;ways laugh and immaturity. they forgot theyre at the bottom of the food chain/barrel and nobody is laughing with them but at them

      • noone cares…For us By Us….sometimes you just need to laugh

      • k

        lol may as well have some fun while we’re “at the bottom of the food chain/barrel” that the whites constructed #justsaying

      • bspells001

        eff u boy, I’m at the top of the food chain and eating, most dangerous thing in America is a black man with knowledge power and wealth and can’t forget swag and a big d…., sucks to be u knowing ur lady loves me

    • ChappySinclair

      Shaniqua, Daquan don’t live here no more.

  • ShelbyMoore

    Still waiting for the funnies.

    • debbie_the_great

      Not funny at all.

      • shero

        i think “DAQUAN” is the black male white girls date and their parents disapprove of him and his thuggish ways….they have every right to.



  • shero

    After 10 pages i still didnt laugh….not funny one bit but okay shrugs

  • Lol check out my kickstarter ayyooo LMFAO , search: Daquan

  • ktgnsd

    There is only one daquan and thats daquan carter on youtube

  • none of your damn bizz

    Booo! This was wack

  • Guest

    Smh. This is just another “the big bad black man corrupting our precious white girls” stereotype. Some people need to wake up. Everything is not just harmless fun. Where are the memes with black men being uplifted. Oh, I know. I’m being too serious and need to chill out.

    • Augustine

      check out the successful black man meme. And there are also white boys in these Daquan memes. Do you feel the same way about the Bad Luck Brian meme (clearly making fun of white guys), Scumbag Steve (making fun of white guys), or the mexican man meme?

    • JayFlex

      Oh you mean the one where any black man that is in a good school or has a good job got there only because of Affirmative Action and at the expense of a more qualified white candidate ?

  • Augustine

    People need to stop being hyper sensitive. It’s a joke. There are memes out there that make fun of every race. When my friends (black, white, asian, or any other race) on FB or twitter post either memes or jokes that make fun of my race (mexican) I don’t get mad and unfriend them, I like the post or retweet it if it’s funny enough. Learn to laugh at yourself or you’re going to be a bitter person.

    • Guest

      Except Asians whites and Latinos are doing okay. And they don’t all get stereotyped based on one. Get it together black people

      • ItMustBeJelly

        I’m black and I’m doing just fine thank you. How you doin?

  • yasmeen

    Um this is just dumb, I was waiting to laugh

  • Honesty90

    The irony is that this actually making fun of white girls .