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Teen Sentenced To 23 Years In Prison For Killing Police Dog [Photos]



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  • ChiCityGirl1

    That’s exactly what he gets! I wish more judges were like the one above!

    • xMaD_MikEx

      There is, the last judge found Zimmerman not guilty .

      • Nicholas I

        The jury found Zimmerman not guilty. The judge should have thrown the case out of court.

      • Fast Amir

        No the judge should have given life to that murdering bas turd Zimmerman……

      • Nicholas I

        You hate Hispanics?

      • Fast Amir

        No I hate gun totting pyschopaths!!! Nothing against Hispanics.

      • wayne

        Thankyou sir ,i applaud your honesty,by the way im white fools

      • Cipherzone

        Wait so … are you saying Hispanics are Bastards? Because the guy above you said “No the judge should have given life to that murdering bas turd Zimmerman……” Where was race mentioned? OR are you bringing race in? Idk … but if Vick was any evidence I think the kid should’ve seen this coming. He must’ve forgot Dogs > Humans (Especially of the darker skin…)

      • Nicholas I

        How could a judge sentence a man to life in prison after a jury found him not guilty? Weird.

      • Cipherzone

        It appears @nicholasi:disqus is trolling…. especially with Zimmerman’s anger issue, his track record with lying and making himself out to be someone he really wasn’t, nor appointed to be just feels like there should have been a more competent prosecutor. But that’s a different case. This one … well the kid f’d up.

      • Robrat41

        Who did he murder?

  • dom

    Now you know white folk love their animals. The ranking goes 1. Other white people 2. Animals 3. Asian people 4. Mexicans 5. Black folk. They hate us as much as they love them so you know you messed up

    • ShootingStar

      What they left out was the thief had an ankle monitor alrdy on him at the time of the crime. This was far from his 1st offense. He actually deserves this

      • iGlad

        you are probably right if he didn’t get put away now what might he have done later……..

    • carolynggarcia

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    • Julie Knowles

      well you got my list backwards….totally



    • Mike

      IF you are being sarcastic, you are a friggin moron. If you really feel this, then you are a friggin moron.

    • Nicholas I

      Who cares?

    • choccawocca

      I couldn’t have said it better myself . But, the young man did not mess up, he is a victim of this messed up world.

    • iGlad

      never a truer word spoken

  • moo moo cookie cakes baby!!!!.

    Yeah if he were a white boy probably would have gotten a couple of months in community service or something…. poor black kid.

    • No, he’s not a good person

      No, not “poor Black kid”. Criminal scumbag kid.

      Ankle bracelet at age 16, breaking into people’s homes with guns and killing animals. Statistically, locking him up will likely prevent a murder that he would have committed during the next few years.

      • we need help

        That’s what’s wrong with the black community,,we down each other than help or unite,,that’s why they treat us like shjt cuz we let them,,if we were more united and took care of our kids better and these fathers act like fathers we might not have all these issues…dont be so quick to judge..i feel bad for this lil brother….its so sad…

      • Cipherzone

        Your statement is hilarious: “Statistically, locking him up will likely prevent a murder that he would have committed during the next few years.” – Statistics have killed and locked up more black men than I care to count. So Statistically speaking attaching a statistic to something is mostly never a good thing… for us… Statistically speaking…

      • Fast Amir

        You prick…..And what thwere are no ‘white / hispanic / latino’ kids with anklets….No one deserves to die..and if someone is killed then then the murdering scumbag should get sentenced approproiately…Boot on the other foot and Zimmerman would have been on death row by now…..

    • Raymond Langley

      He did the crime he is a criminal so what’s the deal about the race thing you have going around your head. your the racist ..

      • Levinas

        If he was white he wouldn’t have got 23 years. I think that’s what’s going round the heads and if it’s true it’s evidence of a racist judicial system. Probably the least worse thing you could say about the screwed up US judiciary, sentencing and prison system. Guess he’s just lucky he wasn’t named Carlos DeLuna, or Cameron Todd Willingham, or any of the numerous ‘felons’ murdered by the USA only or them to be ‘revealed’ as innocent.

      • Danny

        What evidence do you have firstly that if he was white he wouldnt get the same sentence? secondly who said the judge isn’t black? Typical pig minded racist comment, how can racism come to an end if a white man cannot do anything to a black man without it being racially targeted

      • Mgooboo

        Im sorry but state of florida has a terrible track record for dis-proportionate sentences to black people and huge history of civil rights abuses. Your on a computer and im sure you can do a simple google search for the statistics yourself before shooting your mouth off. You think things become equal straight away your off your head.

    • Fast Amir

      Well said…He wouldn’t even got a couple of months had he been white.

    • iGlad

      The black is dumb for not working out that the systems is against him and will give him double the sentence of a white person no matter how minor or serious. Unless he has money then he might be able to get away otherwise no chance.

  • InsaneGame

    what the fck is this $hit

  • nope

    This is why black people don’t advance in life, you guys spend so much time blaming the white man, then when these hoodrat black members of the community does something stupid you guys ban together and back the idiots who get what they deserve, and then the rest of Americas community starts looking down on the black community because the idiots of the black community feverishly defends most black idiots, and tend to be the loudest. I know plenty of black folks who are civilized, and would agree to this kid being sentenced to prison for this crime.

    • Madeulook

      What have you done in your life? What advancements have YOU given the world? Stop piggybacking off advancements of others just because you share the same skin tone. I am willing to bet your life accomplishments are minuscule. I don’t think someone like you would be qualified to tell blacks what they need to do especially when you write sentences like .”when these hoodrat black members of the community does something stupid you guys ban together and back the idiots who get what they deserve “.

      • JP

        He is a typical white man. Every white will be like, oh whites are so smart etc. etc. when in their OWN lives they have done F all.

      • Danny

        So your skin colours holding you back? are you seriously this stupid your holding yourself back white people arent born with a golden medal around their neck they have to work for everything as much as a black man. The president is black – did you vote for him based on policies or skin colour? Don’t go throwing the race card around that makes you the biggest racist of all.

      • Madeulook

        Where the h3ll did you see me say skin color was holding anyone back?? Smh j@cka$$

    • Raymond Langley

      Rubbish …

    • Chad

      Look around you racist ! Blacks have taken over that’s why we can’t find a job and the country is falling apart ! !

  • Queen E

    I’m having a hard time with this. .. On one side you did the crime now do the time. .. But on the other would he have gotten so much time if he wasn’t Black?? You know the White children conveniently have disorders because they were given too many luxuries by their parents. .. Unfortunately FLORIDA is not known for its “fair treatment”..smh

    • JP

      If you blacks STILL don’t get it by now then…you are truly lost.

      Obviously the judge is a racist. God you people are so slow and stupid.

  • solofromtoronto

    And Zimmermans still free.. I hate to say this but ya”ll messed up south of the boarder

  • ♥smanuel♥

    23 years are you serious

  • kj1986nyc

    The white man is the DEVIL!

    • Raymond Langley

      The white man is the DEVIL! Says the black man..

      • kj1986nyc

        Yes that is correct!

      • JP

        Us whites are devils.

    • Brat

      Anyone who furthers the causes of pain, suffering, hate and division are doing the devil’s work. This judge, by handing down a racially-motivated sentence, is increasing justifiable resentment in the black community towards the white community. Therefore this judge is doing the devil’s work. It’s often the case that those who believe they are working for justice and liberty are often, because of their ignorance and fear, simply the tools of Satan.

      • Mgooboo

        yeah but not all white people are the devil, such a stupid argument to call out racism with your own racism.

      • Brat

        It was probably a troll – best not to take it too seriously eh…

  • CheckIt

    just another way of incriminating black men too harshly.. he deserves time, but 23 years.. no.

  • judaswasframed

    The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Or the one. -Jesus Christ

    • Mgooboo

      I thought the bible taught an eye for an eye also. How is a dogs life worth the life of a young man?

      • Brat

        The Old Testament teaches an eye for an eye. The Old Testament is often called the Hebrew Bible, the first five books of which comprise the Torah. The New Testament is the Christian Bible and comprise Jesus’ teachings of forgiveness and turning the other cheek.

      • blackorwhiteitsalright

        fair point, so i guess it depends on the quality of the young man

      • Jake

        and who decides the quality?
        the white judge?

      • blackorwhiteitsalright

        reason she tried him as an adult was because he’d already been through the legal system and was obviously not planning to change his behaviour “Rosier had faced previous juvenile charges for grand
        theft, battery, lewd and lascivious molestation and false imprisonment”.

  • Raymond Langley

    we should have the same laws in the uk…good for the judge

    • Brat

      I thank my luck for not being born black in the UK or in the US, or in
      fact anywhere. The kid screwed up, the kid did a terrible thing and
      deserves prosecution. BUT 23 YEARS? Anyone who doesn’t see the length of this
      punishment being motivated by racism needs some serious education about how
      racism works. It’s called ‘Institutional Racism’ – a phrase first used by the Black Power movement in the 60s and then further defined by the UK judiciary after the murder of a young black man in London in the 90s. Educate yourselves people – it’s the only way.

      • Nicholas I

        Go visit the poor boy.

    • Joe

      Thank Darwin that we have gun laws in the UK to protect us from people like this.

  • george

    a future murder victim saved

  • george

    strange those folks normaly kill other blacks.

  • Cwelsh1985

    If that happened in the UK, he would more than likely get a couple of years or even community service

  • Dodgeball

    Should heve gave him life.

  • Paper tiger

    The USA is out of line with the rest of the developed world as far as prison sentences go and there excessive length. Somebody is either a youth or an adult dependent on their age and should be sentenced accordingly. A judge arbitrarily deciding to treat a youth as an adult is contrary to the UN’s convention on human rights.

  • Earl James Sinclair

    We have institutional racism over here in the UK, but America is off the scale with bigoted attitudes..Living for over 8 yrs stateside i was amazed at the segregation and ghettoes in your cities! As a mixed race man i came across many attitudes and behaviors that were disturbing..There should be a anti racist, diversity curriculum in schools over need this early before they are infected with this sickness by their parents! it seems everyone is quick to point to the few percent of each race that act in a stereotypical way to defend their jaundiced views..Once the kids attitudes change, then institutions will change too…eventually..

  • john

    Hands up who thinks this sentence would have applied to a middle class white boy. Another example of the disgusting legal system in America which is frankly third world and something all Americans ought to be thoroughly ashamed of. Slavery for the 21st Century and all about money within the prison industrial complex. Hang your heads in shame all of you who claim to be proud to be American. If only you knew what the rest of the world thought of you !!

    • Nicholas I

      Couldn’t care less, but yes, I bet a middle class white would get at least the same sentence, so Judge Rosenberg could show everyone he not rayssis n shi yo. Also, it’s Florida.

  • Aurora

    I find it absurd. No justice in Florida for coloured people. Still living in the Dark Ages.

  • ray walsh

    Moronic idiot—would he have shot the police officer if he had of appeared instead of the dog—have that you stupid dope

  • Peter Gilkes

    If dogs were allowed to openly carry guns this would not have happened.

    Bad joke? Just like this racist decision. America, eh?

  • Reiver

    Yeah 23 years is all wrong, they should have strung him up, he’s a blight on humanity.

    • sycamore

      You should join.

  • Brat

    Yep – i’d expect a long sentence for sure. You miss the point.

    • Jonboy10

      Do I really miss the point? In Britain (I don’t know about the US) you’re let out after half your sentence for good behaviour, and, increasingly, you’re out after a quarter of the sentence with an electronic tag because the prisons are so full. So that’s less than six years behind bars. Not so very long, and colour is irrelevant.

      • Brat

        Yes, you miss the point entirely – it’s about the severity of the sentencing. This happened in the US not the UK. Same rules do not apply. I believe Florida currently has an 85% time-served policy for violent offenders. This means this offender will, most likely, serve a minimum of 20 years – even if he is a reformed character, as the report suggests. Please do not conflate the US and UK justice systems. Florida is currently responding very extremely to crime committed by those from black communities – eg the 18 yr-old first-time offender sentenced to 162 years for armed robbery (in which no one was hurt). Even Daily Mail readers overwhelmingly believed this qualified as ‘cruel and unusual’ punishment.

      • Jonboy10

        I don’t miss the point at all. It’s you who are changing your point. First racism, now severity. Make up your mind. If blacks get harsher treatment than whites, that’s one thing, and you’d have to prove it. If both equally get unfairly harsh sentences that’s a different point.

      • Brat

        The two are connected – that’s the point – black people get harsher tratment from judicial systems in the US and the UK. Just google how many black people in the UK get stopped and searched compared to whites or Asians living in the same areas. Institutional racism – not overt racism – is still racism and is endemic in Institutions across the UK. Read the Macpherson Report (1999) for all the evidence you will ever need about how UK police, social services and the judiciary failed the Laurence family simply because they are black and not therefore do not get the same recourse to justice as whites.

      • Jonboy10

        Now who’s conflating? I’m fully aware of the Macpherson report and the allegations of institutional racism in Britain. That maybe proved, but when blacks commit proportionately more crime you can understand the disproportionate stop-and-search.
        Show me where US whites got more lenient sentences and I’ll accept your point. You can understand, if not forgive, a fed-up criminal justice system giving disproportionate sentences to disproportionate offenders.

      • Brat

        I’m not conflating – I’m responding to your confusion between the US and the UK.

        I’m really glad you asked me the question about evidence tho’:

        “In the two years after the [2005 US v Booker ruling, which gave federal judges more discretion in sentencing], sentences of blacks were on average 15.2% longer than the sentences of similarly situated whites, according to the Sentencing Commission report. Between December 2007 and September 2011, the most recent period covered in the report, sentences of black males were 19.5% longer than those for whites. The analysis also found that black males were 25% less likely than whites in the same period to receive a sentence below the guidelines’ range.”

        It’s from the Wall Street Journal – hardly a bastion of liberal apologists. I await your acceptance of my point.

      • Jonboy10

        I notice you ignored this bit from the report:

        ‘The commission, which is part of the judicial branch, was careful to avoid the implication of racism among federal judges, acknowledging that they “make sentencing decisions based on many legitimate considerations that are not or cannot be measured.”‘

      • Brat

        Hahahaha – yes, I’m certain the commission was VERY CAREFUL not to imply racism. But evidence is evidence nonetheless.

        “Show me where US whites got more lenient sentences and I’ll accept your point.”

        Please accept my point and we can be done here.

      • Jonboy10

        Hoisted by your own petard.

      • Brat

        Hahaha – really? I thought I was having a conversation with a thinking person. You asked for evidence – I posted it.
        Your refusal to acknowledge the evidence is very telling.

      • Brat

        Ive just realised – you didn’t understand my comment: “I’m certain the commission was VERY CAREFUL not to imply racism.”

        I was being sarcastic. Of course the commission can’t call the Judiciary racists, even tho, statistically, they obviously are. It’s called politics – you don’t sling mud at your own team, even when you know they’re idiots.

  • Brat

    Florida have a policy of 85% time served for violent crime, meaning he’s looking at 20 years before considerations of parole.

  • really

    Cops kill dogs all the time tho lmao

  • Mgooboo

    So thats what the united states justice system boils down too, you get sentenced for a crime you might possibly do… why would you support that! Just give em all your civil liberties

  • Jake

    Raymond Langley must be from Alabama….any relation to the Klan Raymond?
    Racist Sadistic

  • RatKing

    should of been a real man and killed the Pig and his entire extended family. bad dice bro

  • Man Al

    a bit over the top…if he killed a human it would b less

  • jstme

    I agree that the penalty does not fit the crime. There is no way to substantiate if the judge is racist, or merely pro police. The people who live in that jurisdiction should be outraged and calling for a retrial. Protesting works when an obvious wrong is brought to the attention of many.

  • cool

    Excessive He was only sixteen for christs sake whats the matter with you people.

    • zap0086

      I’m white British, not that that should make a difference. Ive tried as best as I can to read all your replies. Your ripping each other apart for somebody else’s wrong doing. From an outsiders perspective it seems like the judgement laid down on this boy was a result of him being an habitual criminal and this was the straw that broke the camels back in the judge’s eyes. Nothing good was going to come of this kid. Sad but true due to social circumstances. Our prison system in the UK is all about “correctional”. It doesn’t work because the courts are too soft with sentencing. Your country’s system is “Incarceration” . . I like your system better.

  • anonymous_23

    The punishment is in relation to the crime committed but there can be aggravating factors such as previous offences.

    • Mgooboo

      Of course they can, but it’s a fine line saying, “he should be locked up because he MIGHT do that” as the OP said.

  • frarnie

    Why don’t people just breathe into this situation. A crime is a crime and if you get caught then there need to cry foul. Regardless of your race and economic situation courts should treat all cases equal that is my only gripe . People please keep the racist tweets to yourself as it shows ignorance on both sides .
    Peace and Blessings.

  • Toximus

    Should of got longer.

  • Dr Strangelove

    He did a man sized crime, he got a man sized punishment.

  • Nicholas I

    It seems excessive, but it’s probably the best place for his kind.

    • Originalop

      Just go ahead and say black people

      • Nicholas I

        I meant violent, irrational, home-invading, dog-killing thugs. But now that you’ve mentioned it, I see that he is indeed a Negro.

      • Originalop

        I know that’s what you meant.

  • Nicholas I

    As long as his kind is off the streets.

  • Nicholas I

    What if the judge offered to release him into your custody, as long as you had him in your home for 23 years?

  • Nicholas I

    Yes, when you put it like that, this is a lucky boy.

  • Nicholas I

    “In the UK you get 15 years (life) with parole available after 7 if you behave and are remorseful.” which is why so many parts of the UK are now practically uninhabitable for White Britons.

  • Nicholas I

    “the rapists who get 60 days community service” – not in Florida.

  • Atters

    Colour of skin totally irrelevant – whether white, black, yellow or pink – evil bastard – should have had death penalty rather than us paying for him having three meals a day for 23 years !!

  • Voice of Reason

    It’s about time people of whatever colour, creed or religious denomination. realise that while we have a ‘predominently white, middle/upper class figures in positions of authority, anyone other than white citizens, will always be treated in a less than favourable way, by the judiciary. That said…in the UK., we have a problem where people in politics, WILL NOT concede that there is one common denominator of 95% of gun/knife crimes committed in south London. Everyone knows it, speaks of it(in private anyway)….Blacks/ethnic minorities. We really do need for our politicians to grow a spine….ultimately, they will be respected for it. Instead, they just encourage the policing system to enforce ‘stop and search’………..Footnote…if Oscar Pistorius was black, he would have been convicted and executed by now!!

  • Originalop

    If your son did this. Would you agree with this verdict? No need to answer you’re a Hypocrite

  • Mel

    Okay but what about the random dogs police kill all the time?? Why aren’t they getting 23 years? this is completey unfair, cops are getting away with too many things these days because they feel superior to everyone else??

  • Bookworm51485

    Yeah, let’s not act like you people cheering on his punishment are not taking his color into consideration. If you claim that, you’re full of sh*t. People have done FAR worse and not been sentenced to nearly that much time in prison, I don’t see you protesting that. Except those people are White…

    When you consider his age and circumstances, and like a lot of White people like to say, all teens profile as sociopaths, they can’t help themselves, their brain development… I guess he’s not allowed to use that excuse. Just the White kids that do horrible things…

  • Jasper

    A disproportionate sentence based purely on race. If he was white it would have been far more lenient.

  • Jasper

    I hate dogs, they stink and just crap anywhere and everywhere, they bite innocent people and children too, so as far as I am concerned this guy has done the world a favour

  • claire99ism .

    GOOD WELL DONE JUDGE. He got what he deserved. Take out the trash.

  • kosack

    Old liverlips get a nice send off to NU. He will be the newest addition to A Blocks femme fatales.

  • Tom Octopus

    Disproportionate, and taking not a jot of his youth and troubles into account.

    I wonder what a white Floridian teenager would’ve got…

  • Bob

    Not just one person – it would take several people to get a sentence like that.
    A manslaughter charge for a robbery gone wrong gets you what? 8-10 years?

  • Joanna McGinn

    yes… it may not be who you are now, but the person you were then did this… now I hope you can make an example of him to his cronies.

  • gary

    could kill my wife and get 10yrs less

  • jeff

    16 yrs carrying guns breaking into houses and shooting animals, you legalise guns you increase murders.

    England 60 million people and about 50 gun murders a year, America 11000. Freedom to bear arms eh

  • zoogou

    Contemptible decision. Fire and disbar the judge. For good measure, overturn all prior decisions. Before this time, his supervisors and peers should have recognized Judge Rosenberrg has mental, emotional, or character problems. Perhaps the judge has a brain tumor, current fever related to ingection, a recent TBI, substance abuse issue, hormonal disturbance, medication noncompliance issue, a traumatic emotional experiance affecting basic judgement. There is no rational excuse for Florida’s judicial offices to tolerate this decision. The Democrats call me “hillbilly inbreeder” to express their rage toward my conservative nature. No one vaguely approaching “orientated” could know me and accuse me of being liberal. This decision is obscene. If this judge does not have a treatable medical excuse, the judge should be removed from the bench and disbarred. Failure to do this proves Florida law is as crazy and immoral as Sharia Law.

  • mr gruffy

    He took a life, human or not, he broke into someone’s home armed and high on drugs, lucky no grown-ups or kids were shot. Good result.

  • Robrat41

    Only in Americunt

  • Joe Frills

    My respect for the judge for finally doing whats right!

  • George Bullock

    Sounds about right ……………

  • A A

    23 years is way too long for this. A white boy would have gotten a heck of a lot less.

  • coolflexa .

    I know! I love dogs myself but that it excessive.

  • coolflexa .

    No one is arguing that he shouldn’t be serving jail time. The argument is that the punishment is extremely excessive. Hopefully, this kid has some luck on appeal…

  • coolflexa .

    That is way overboard. Sentence should be no greater than 5 years, 7 at most.

    23 years for a crime he committed when he was 16? Not to mention the fact that dogs themselves only live for 14 years or so…

  • sparky

    Fkn ell! i’ve seen loads of vids with the police shooting peoples dogs… and that black kid was shot by his own security guard in his own garden and the security guard walked – america is one fkt up place!

  • Dustin

    I think the penalty is a little harsh. Everyone makes mistakes in life. Nobody knows what this teenager has gone through in life that has caused him to behave in the manner he has. I am not excusing his actions by any means but there are things that happen to people in life that are traumatizing. Imagine being raped as a child by your parents and then growing up to believe sexual abuse is okay. This happens in life. Secondly, we were all teens once and I guarantee we all did stupid things that we regret looking back on now. Your mind is not fully developed as a teenager. I think there should be a punishment but 23 years is a long time. Maybe have him do a couple years with conditions stating that the next criminal offense he commits that they will add on the other 21 years to the penatly of that offense. People can be rehabilitated but they need the right circumstances to do so. I really hope this case is appealed

  • Dawn Stan

    Although I love dogs so much that they are considered our precious family members, I can’t believe a judge would send a child to prison for longer than an adult would get for murdering a human!

  • Karen Gonzales

    Punishment YES but 23 years NO ! This crime doesn’t not fit the time! He will not be reformed after sitting in prison for 23 years at such a young age. Charging minors as an adult when they clearly are not an adult is a crime in itself. He is a minor and should be treated as such. This crap “adult like crimes” is way off.

  • Karen Gonzales

    A teenager who killed 6 ppl for driving on substance got 10 years probation…hmmm

  • Jonsie

    It’s not excessive, it is about time teenagers get treated as adults. He broke into someones house and killed a dog…..Why? Probably no good reason at all.

    Apparently, he already had a record, he was wearing an ankle bracelet according to some.

    I don’t care what color a kid is, if they do the crime then they can do the time. Maybe if kids see more kids get the book thrown at them instead of baby coddling them, they will start acting with more respect to others lives….dog or not.

    I’ve seen white kids in jail as a correctional nurse and this is no joke for throwing a snowball at a car and no damage to the car. Want to talk about excessive?

    Kids need something because they sure as heck are no longer allowed to be smacked up side the head when teenagers and you can’t even smack the little kids butts for fear of being labeled a child abuser.

    Time to go back to the old school disciplines and then maybe so many kids won’t feel like they can get away with anything they feel like.

    • J Barnhart

      Yeah…no damage to the car, but it swerves and another car goes into the ditch kills someone…all the other stuff you cited means zero, the law puts that kid in jail for LIFE…no?
      any way you look at it, don’t get caught…

  • J Barnhart

    A group of teenagers…all “good kids” some honor students…white…stole a stop sign, to hang on their wall. In Florida, several years ago.
    It usually has the fine written right on it…$500?
    Unless someone runs the intersection and dies…
    Then it’s 20 to life.
    Well there you go. They were white…but the judge at the time said that he’d love to make an exception, probation even. But his hands were tied by the minimum sentencing requirements (I believe this was on 60 minutes). Lives destroyed.
    Here though the judge decided to set an example and throw the book…I don’t really think that justice should be based on setting examples (even though it serves the political purposes of hatemongers and secondhand revenge seekers on this website and elsewhere) OR with draconian detachment as to the wellbeing of all involved.
    What do you say to the owner? He’s not happy, he wanted 30 years. (Five (served) would have been appropriate)
    I’d be tempted (but only just, dog-lover here) to tell him to grow up.

  • kt52

    Blatant racism. Would then happen to a none black – NOPE! Yep send him to prison but please, I beg answer – when was 16 adult please? Was this fair.No.Especially when young black boys can be killed, shot dead,murdered by white policemen who get to walk free for taking a life, as a grown arse adult with years on them. Yet a 16 year old takes an animal’s life (definitely wrong and deserves jail time) but get tried as a grown arse adult and set some disgusting 23 years in jail. So things all you lot did at 16 should define you as an adult yeah?! KMT!! Only in backwards America.

  • Susan Bacsick

    Rosier had faced previous juvenile charges for grand theft, battery, lewd and lascivious molestation and false imprisonment.