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#TBT: Lil Kim’s 11 Best Hip-Hop Features


Lil Kim and Mary J. Blige – “I Can Love You” (1997)


“Who you loving? Who you wanna be hugging?” Probably one of Kim’s dopest features and most quoted by female R&B enthusiasts worldwide.

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  • CaribeHipHopHead

    Whichever intern was asked to compile this list should be sent home immediately…do some research and come again please!

    • Brittany

      it’s actually not as bad as you think

    • Purplesunshine650

      She has so many more hits than just this, and some of those are better.

  • Brittany

    Classics right there

  • Shilee

    she was BAD (looks & lyrics) I wished somehow she could get it back, smh

  • goddess8281

    The Mobb Deep song and All about the Benjamins are her best ones to me. Killed it. And Money, Power and Respect is a classic because it was the beginning of DMX’s mainstream career., IMO

  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    Y’all can add me to the list once I drop my single: ‘Ya Heard Me’ featuring the Prince of the South & produced by Steven Jordan.

  • nickisthewack1@gmail.com

    Hard Core – Track #9. Period.

  • teamlilkim2014@gmail.com

    EVERY song on this list is considered to be a classic. Where will Clown Minaj be in 20 years? Nobody will be checking for anything she did or consider her a pioneeer in ANY right. Copy catting-azz…..smh.

  • BlackBarbie2000

    Hip Hop wired i love y’all !!! keep repping the QUEEN and Kim has been in the news aside from Nicki. Kim doesnt need nicki to stay relevant so im gonna need you to come correct on that