D.L. Chandler

CNN Anchor Suggests “Water Cannons” Use In Ferguson, Twitter Goes In [Photos]


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  • ThaRealTruth

    He looked at her like “bish is you crazy?” Lol

  • Cherry Coke

    White folks are so clueless.

    • mitch

      Oh good – generalize an entire race because that will certainly help. I suppose you approve when “white folks” generalize black people as “Street thugs” as well?
      You, Cherry Coke, are part of the problem.

      • ItMustBeJelly

        Hmmm “street thugs” way to be stereotypical sir. You could have used “good athletes” or “great dancers” but you choose “street thugs”…hmmm wonder why that is? A good old case of the of the glue calling the paste sticky, I suppose.

      • mitch

        As it happens the “Street thug” comparison was on my mind because of following a link to a trashy right wing rag that was showing Ferg. protestors in the worst possible light – but please, insert whatever cliche’ you prefer. Fine, you’re right – black people are all wonderful dancers, have amazing rhythm, and can all run a 4.0 40. You prefer that? Voila, there you go – much like all “white people” generalize black people “all the time”.

      • Cherry Coke

        I just commented elsewhere that when white people are called out for thier foolishness they are quick to call racism. Thank you for proving my point. If you follow the pattern you will be calling me a bully next. You all like to generalize black people all the time. Not so nice when the shoes is on the other foot is it?

      • mitch

        “You all” like to generalize black people? Actually no, “we all” don’t.

      • Cherry Coke

        I appear to have struck a nerve. Poor baby. Fine then, most of you.

      • Scott Weber

        No, only what you see/hear which is not much outside of the internet/TV.

      • Cherry Coke

        Sure and having been raised in a white neighborhood, working with white people and observing you. You all are dysfunctional, generalize often, are self-centered and cannot function without coping mechanisms.

  • Mya

    She should be removed from her position. Racial tensions are riding high in this country because of Ferguson. The last thing people need is some racist reporter suggesting vile abuse through water hoses like in the Segregation era. What a piece of trash she is.

    • mitch

      Yes because restricting people’s right to say what’s on their mind is definitely what this country was founded on.
      Oh wait…no, no it isn’t.

      • ?

        when people talk about homos, they are fired and ridiculed for “saying what’s on their mind”

      • Mya

        News anchors are paid to deliver news, not spew their vile opinion. This wasn’t an open forum for discussion. She should be terminated for spewing a racists opinion on national TV.

      • Cherry Coke

        People’s rights – you must be white.

    • ItMustBeJelly

      Yep fire her!

    • disqus_iCFt39vV8o

      Maybe you need to consider that this report came from “CNN INTERNATIONAL” have you been to Europe ? Judging from your response, should I call it poor, uneducated or ridiculous, because if you’ve been there or educated yourself you would know its common practice in Europe to use “Water-cannons” or water hoses to break up demonstrations by the police or riot control force.

  • ItMustBeJelly

    Don’t forget the dogs bish.

  • DRUNK247

    German shepherds just to spice things up a little

  • Joe Broadnax

    Rosemary Church, is an idiot, as are quit a few CNN correspondents. Often, the news persons with tyhe forign accents are the very same people on CNN putting out opinions on which they have no factual or historical knowledge (not to mention that Ireland and Australia are two of the most racist places on earth (like the indians, Australia was stolen from the aboriginal people). That she doesnt know the racist history of water hose use against blacks in demonstrations just shows again how stupid she is. As a so-called journalist, she is not supposed to BE or create the news. She should keep her foreign-made pinions to herself. CNN has a problem in general with this story. We also have that fool Don Lemon (with his swisher sweet self) reporting non-news which the other networks pick up as gospel. I ask you, how does a friend of the suspect get to be on TV saying what she heard from someone else about the shooting? This is third hand information at best. Then CNN vetted it through the police, the very same police who have sided with the officer involved in the shooting from the beginning. These are the same police who wouldnt say how many shots were fired, or provide any details because “this is an ongoing investigation”, but can verify and support information that is favorable to the officer who committed murder. These are also the same police who released a video with Mike Brown saying he was involved in a strong arm robbery. This was timed and targeted once again to defend their officer. Yet, in their zeal to be first with any tidbit of information (relative of not), CNN allowed this on the air. This is the same CNN who went on and on about the missing airliner until we all yawned and turned the channel. News at any cost. Dont watch CNN, get a book

  • Queen Lizzy III

    As soon as I heard her say that I was like BISH WHEEEEEET?!

  • WhatNTheHell

    What a big dummy. I was just sitting here wondering why they were not using the same bs tactics that they used in the most racially inflammatory times in US history. That will definitely diffuse the situation. These news anchors are a joke. The fact that she actually thinks that is an option is scary.