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106 & Park Off For A Week After Blue Ivy Joke, Twitter Slander Commences [Photos]


BET’s 106 & Park is off the air for the rest of the week, after the network aired a joke about Blue Ivy Carter’s hair yesterday (Aug. 25). Sources tell Hip-Hop Wired that a show producer has been fired, but the show’s hiatus was planned before the Blue Ivy fallout, according to XXL

Guest-host Karreuche Tran read the hair quip, but the network’s President of Music Programming, Stephen Hill said today that BET takes full responsibility for writing the insensitive joke.

Tran was basically ripped to shreds on Twitter, even after she explained that she was only reading a teleprompter. “Now y’all know I LOVE me some Beyoncé and Blue Ivy! I didn’t write this script y’all lol,” she tweeted. “I am definitely team  .”   

The BeyHive was already in full attack mode by that time, and they’re still going. A struggle petition has been started to deport her — even though she’s American. The petition reads:

Karrueche Tran violated the number one code of the BeyHive Law. “Thou should never come for Blue Ivy!” In a tasteless attempt on a national syndicated television show Ms. Tran made a diss towards America’s Princess of the Carter thrown. And we the BeyAgency demands her deportation effective immediately.

Yes, that happened.

So, while Chris Brown’s lady is still recovering from the social media slaughtering, 106 & Park is now in the line of fire, and trending worldwide.

Hit the gallery to see some of the tweets.

Photo: Facebook

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  • ChildishhosneedmoreEDGEucation

    And half the ppl with something to say got UGLY fawking kids , walking around with lil gremlins. Orrr they wear WEAVE & WIGS , and have barely there edges

  • nessy

    I think everyone should calm down. It would be great if everyone could get that fired up about important life changing issues.

    • Surprise-1

      People are fired up about important issues. The real issue here is that they talked about a baby, I’m sure if they said something about your child if you have any, you would be in an uproar to and on top of that you would probably try and sue. I think children should be off limits especially when they can’t defend themselves. Regardless if Bey and Jay are rich or not, they have feelings and I’m sure they’re feelings get hurt just like everybody else’s, this is a prime example of why celebrities don’t want their children being seen. IJS

      • nessy

        I don’t think you’d be that upset if was say North West. I agree children should be off limits but I also think you guys are overreacting and that there are more important things going on today than Blue Ivy’s hair. Why don’t you get fired up about woman being treated like meat in videos. Everything is about the who has the biggest booty. Why don’t you get upset that minority kids score a full 30 percent lower than white kids on standardized tests. And try to get upset about the fact that as of the last census a full 72 percent of black kids were born to unwed mothers.

      • pudding pop

        fuuck you nessy

      • nessy

        Why because I’m making sense? We need to stop making God’s out of celebrities and start up building ourselves. Goodnight.

      • Ruby shine


      • Ms. White

        This is an entertainment site not real world events site.

  • Meandmybish

    Bet she will think for herself next time.

    • scarecrow

      doubt it… lol

    • customcalendars4u2

      How could she think for herself just walking in the door? All the breaks she’s gotten thus far has been through association not because she worked hard for anything she just needs to recognize that the fame she is chasing is gonna come at a High Price…

  • Luck B. A. Lady

    Sooo……a joke was big enough to have a show suspended?

    • Ruby shine

      No, the Carter backlash was powerful enough to get it suspended. These beehives are borderline psychotic, threatening to kill that girl’s entire family. Get real, it’s never that serious, geez! It would be much more helpful to use the same tactics towards voting, or against police brutality then we’d be a powerful force to be reckoned with.

    • Lost Soul

      I heard it was going on hiatus anyway. Bow Wow said they do it every year.

  • Darren

    im telling yall dont come for the Carters especially Blue.

  • But I’m sleep tho

    Should have known better than to mess with Furen-Lord Carter. Lucky they ain’t release Solange.

  • Gina Waters

    People are so damn stupid. A petition? Really? I can’t even deal. People actually think these celebs give 2 rat shits about them and here they are putting energy into this nonsense.

  • You’renotme

    I think this show should be OFF the air period! Waste of Air time.

  • Billy Slays

    Bey and Blue got that power lol

  • Jenero

    One children should be left alone. The weirdHive really needs to get a life. Go fight against gun violence, Rape of women, children and Men go protest or Govt to do better for the get more jobs created. But If they can not do that then Go have a Seat sirs.

  • B.U.

    Princess of the Carter “thrown”???

  • Shizz

    Jay and Bey need to stop taking these kinds of comments to heart…especially when you don’t comb you daughter’s hair and you look FABULOUS all the time!! Comb that baby’s hair like it’s you Bey!!!