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Right Thurr: Chingy Says The U.S. Government Made Up ISIS [Photos]


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  • ablackmanraisedby2blackparents

    I suddenly have a lot of respect for Chingy. He has courage. He is a man.

    • Rufus

      He is a Man is something that Chingy should have taken to heart years ago.

    • Yes, but

      On this matter he’s just another conspiracist Black man who got his “education” from youtube university. Pitiful.

      At least he expressed his views though and didn’t do a cowardly post-and-delete like other celebs. He does have courage.

  • dielaffn

    Aaawe, poor Chingy!

  • Genesis

    He’s absolutely correct. The first set of ISIS photos released were white guys in black-face holding brand new US-made guns that aren’t even on the market yet. Also, they named the organization after the African goddess ISIS. Total blasphemy.

    • Just saying

      Right I don’t believe in “Boko haram” neither, it’s a bunch of BS program da go steal resources. If the US is so concerned with weapons of mass destruction being used on innocent people, why da F have we all confidently forgotten about MH17 shot down by a weapon of mass destruction. US response *crickets* why?! No diamonds or petrol in Ukraine.

    • W T F

      Parody comment?

    • zero distortion

      Well I guess everybody has a sucker complex.

  • solofromtoronto

    Chingy is half-right. They are a creation (of someone) but they do exist. If he don’t believe ask James Foley (RIP)

    • Beverly

      I agree with Chingy!!! I had been thinking the same thing!! It’s all propaganda to get another war started! OOOOH!!!! Look at that dude dressed in Black that has Black features and HE KILLED A WHITE MAN!!!! LET’S GO TO WAR!!!! But they ain’t trying to arrest Mike Brrown’s KILLER, THO’!!!

  • LeGioNoFZioN

    yeah this is some ignorant BS. yes the US makes things up to justify what they do. but these I.S. cats fought with american support against gadhaffi in Libya and assad in syria and now these cats are trying to take over Iraq and suddenly the Us has a problem with fools they have been arming. they have received american support but they are not a creation of america nor do they rely on american funding to remain powerful. but these cats deserve to be killed en masse by the Us or anyone else willing to do so. what they have been doing in Iraq and syria is no better than the existing power structures have done, and in most circumstances what they have done is worse. anyone who says convert or die, should themselves leave this planet. Like Kali Ranks said, Kill dem all.

  • Wtfcity

    He may not be 100% correct but he gets it. Armed and deployed by the USA. Given guns and stingers and now they a problem. Politicians need to quit with this we nonsense. None of them , their kids, or friends will do any fighting. Just collecting money off the fighting.The American government is chock full of sociopath criminals.

  • man, no signs of intelligent life here

  • MrAllen82

    Much respect to Chingy for speaking the obvious, and no respect to the coooons on twitter. f#!king cowards!

  • Let’s all believe the Uneducated Tranny lover

  • Speak up. It may not be accurate, but what he is stating is the truth.

  • TheGovtAreTerrorists

    He’s 100% correct. ISIS is just another CIA/MOSSAD/MI6 front like Al CIAduh! They’re using them as proxies to take down govts that don’t bow to the New World Order of banksters and their corporate mafia of Wall Street and Westminster criminals that want to own and control all the earths resources. If they were serious about defeating ISIS who are all wahabi nutters exported by the Saudis, they wouldn’t be trying to oust legitimate govts in the region like Syria who are keeping them at bay. These evil Zionists once again get others to do their dirty work. ISIS are their shabosh goy, mules and tools nothing more. They don’t hold any power but propaganda and serve the Zionist cause of conquering by divide and rule by fear policy. I see right through them.

    • Clear thinking man

      Antisemitism is tradition. Always has been. Always will be.

    • Tzvi Tamari

      Reading some of these comments has really enlightened me! I hadn’t realized that the population of lobotomized humans was so large!

  • corax corvus

    Most rappers are islamist and its cool for blacks to diss on the USA and white people if it wasnt for the police the blacks would turn this place into african hell now they have been hijacked by the arabs now hordes will attack the very core of America!

  • Franny123


    The fact that people commenting on this are even questioning the authenticity of ISIS just speaks for the ignorant minds of America. ISIS ideology has been on the streets of London for almost a decade now, and let’s not forget that the man suspected of beheading James (not Jon) Foley is a British-born radical.

    To challenge the existence of ISIS is a clear way to deny the reality of the situation. Perhaps if these Jihadists were free to plot attacks on American soil as they are on European soil then skepticals like ‘Chingy’, with his unsubstantiated and uneducated opinions, wouldn’t be theorising on such ridiculous grounds, but supporting the international moves to sanction the damaging motives of the terrorist organisation.

  • Dude

    Who has watched both beheading videos? Why is the actual beheadings edited out of the videos?

  • Clear thinking man

    A lot of folks wonder why this is happening in the middle east & all that. Its simple when u look @ history. Every major religion has adapted to modern times, always painfully usually bloody. All but one…..Islam & their growing pains has defined our lifetimes. Especially since 1948. Christianity has a long history of brutal imperialism as we all know but not anymore really. Only Judaism hasn’t been imperialistic…. a Jew won’t convert a non Jew involuntarily. All the others have and will impose their dogma. Islam’s issues will eventually get resolved but it’ll take decades. ISIS wants to run a state like its still the 8th century, Al Quaeda is similar as well. Will the Saudis, Jordanians, etc help Islam get its act together? Who knows. You can always tell how fair & just a society is by how it treats its women and minorities. We all know what ISIS is doing…don’t we. Or the Taliban in the 90s & so on.
    Islam will come to terms w itself and where its place in our modern world will be.
    But not yet. Not yet.

    • Tzvi Tamari

      Not ever, unless they rewrite the Quran!

  • Clear thinking man

    Some more history. Radical Islam’s origin came from the writings of one man, an Egyptian in the 50s & early 60s, Syed Qtub. Qtub was an engineering student who actually studied in the US for 2 yrs in late 40s. A pious, shy, private man he was uncomfortable w America’s open society; especially w women. Imagine how he’d feel today. He was convinced the his country was headed in the wrong direction & wrote many books regarding his views. His works became the Muslim Brotherhood’s blueprint. He remained a lifelong bachelor since he didn’t think there’d be a woman virtuous enough to marry. Like Karl Marx in Russia he had a vision of what Egypt should be like, however just like Marx’s works got distorted by the Leninists & communists Qtub’s works got distorted by the Muslim Brotherhood & All Quaeda. Qtub was convicted & executed by the Egyptian govt in 1966 for treason. His writings inspired Bin Laden & Al Zawahiri who would form Al Quaeda in 88 after the Soviets left Afghanistan. Those 2 men originally were only interested in changing their countries but later on adapted a world view for the new Islam. In essense they felt that Islam’s losses to Israel in 67 & 73 was due to the Muslims not being pious enough. Same argument White Supremecists use about America going downhill cuz its not white/Christian enough.
    The rest we all now know after 9/11, etc. ISIS is worse & Zawahiri thinks they’reTOO BRUTAL. He’s right. Now the world will a competition between ISIS & Al Quaeda in winning the hearts of young radical jihads.
    Every generation of Americans has experienced a single day of violence that changes everything, Pearl Harbor in 41, JFK assassination in 63 & of course 9/11.
    Ten to twenty yrs from now we’ll get wacked again.
    In 79 when I was 22 I did a paper on 20th century terrorism (kkk, Nazis, etc) and predicted that we’d be at war in the middle east by 2000…..I was off by a year.
    I will be right on target again. Believe it and god help us all.

  • Clear thinking man

    Anyone who’s a born Muslim or is considering a conversion to Islam will find truth & inspiration learning about the life & times of a TRUE AMERICAN HERO. Muhammad Ali.
    He’s done so much and experienced so much you can’t help but be inspired. He gets it and uses his faith the right way. WE ALL LOVE HIM DON’T WE?
    He’s a prophet in his own way. I talked w him a number of times in the 80s & 90s and feel privileged to have done so. He’s a man of the people and a beautiful person.
    Muhammad Ali ya’ll.

  • smh

    the cia create these groups just to see which fools will try to join them…..

    • Clear thinking man

      Cambodia, Rwanda, Nazi occupied Europe, Bosnia, Stalinist genocide, Kurds in 1988, Mao’s 26 million executions in the 50s, Manifest Destiny which murdered millions of native Americans, Apartheid. All of this reveals what humans r capable of.
      Today ISIS is taking its turn.
      Anyone who is blind to what they’re doing should be the first ones to bury the dead.
      Maybe then they will get a glimpse face to face into the black heart

  • Clear thinking man

    If humanity doesn’t learn now. When will it ever?

  • Clear thinking man

    I’ll share an experience that I’m confident none of u have had ok? As part of a human rights investigation team for Amnesty Intl I was a photo journalist for them; we confirmed a report of a massacre in Iraq in 1986. Two months earlier a man escaped the mass killing by playing dead & then crossed the border into Turkey. He told his story to us & we sneaked Iraq to document what happened, make a report & present it to the UN.
    What happened was that Iraqi soldiers came on this village of 800 ppl in middle of the night & ordered everyone out in street. They separated the men, women & kids and then chopped the heads of the children, then did it to the women and finished off the men. Imagine seeing your family getting slaughtered like that and u cant do a damn thing about it. You’re gonna die next knowing that u couldn’t help them at all. That’s absolute terror. These soldiers didn’t even make a mass grave…they left them right where they fell. I took the pictures man. It was depressing. As a professional I did my job & didn’t let it in till I got home. My oldest kid, my son was born when I was in Iraq & the painful horror hit me when I held my kid for the first time. I cried for a couple hrs. I thought about those ppl & how they died and here’s my son who’s safe and surrounded w love.
    It had a profound effect on me.
    Will any of u guys ever experience anything like that or see anything like that?
    I highly doubt it. You guys just don’t know nothin’. Don’t know nothin.
    If you did some of you wouldn’t say the BS I’ve read.
    Sometimes it just good vs evil. And I’ve seen evil upfront, live and horrifying.

    • Guest

      Surely if they were chopping off all the heads, would they not notice the guy who was ‘playing dead’ head was still attached??

      • clear thinking man

        The last number of ppl were shot. Approximately 30 ppl were shot since these soldiers’ arms got tired. That’s how the man escaped.

      • clear thinking man

        I’m curious that all you got from my post was how the lone survivor got away. Nothing else touched you?

  • yort

    Because idiotic rappers is where i go to get my news on politics!!!

  • Bobby Cordero


  • Seahawk

    If you base your opinion of the LGBT community on Chingy’s AVN appearance then maybe you shouldn’t have an opinion yet.

    • Matt L Parks

      Never said it was an isolated incident. They do a lot to try to associate certain people with that community who really DON’T want to be associated with that community. Tyler Perry for example. I’m not saying he’s not suspect, but the man has built a billion dollar company off church going black women who would all stop going to his movies if they knew for a fact he was gay.

      Brother tried to expose him on Youtube and got his asss beat (pause) because a lot of men in Atlanta make money with Tyler Perry. Why would you want to fuckk up his money like that?

      That’s not something a decent person would do, IMO.

  • BEST Antivirus Android

    only islamist would profess that opinion. An islamist is an idealist and religious zealot of the muslim faith- in other words do anything for the religion- as witnessed recently- to out an islamist just have them talk about isis (chingy opinion pops up), 9/11 (chingy opinion pops up) and the best is ask if they believe a man landed on the moon (chingy opinion pops up)- new law needs to be passed, something communists had, called re-education camps, re-education them in alaska in middle of winter on the REAL world not religious zealot opinions, that way neighbours won’t be losing their heads in america like neighbours to islamists are in syria-iraq.

  • willingr

    Chingy…a philosopher? An investigative reporter? A 21st century thinker of great renown? No, a rapper…well, he must know what he’s talking about then, right?

  • Lisbeth

    Yes it’s fake. The ruling classes invent fake threats to keep the livestock clinging to the protection of the ‘farmers’ (ruling elites). The newsmen and politicians (and many artists) are all propagandists reinforcing this illusion. Happy to lie in exchange for a bigger stall.

    • clear thinking man

      After the Nazis were defeated the allies forced the German citizens to view the death camps that operated in their back yards practically. Those German citizens were also forced to bury the dead.
      For anyone who doesn’t believe or is sceptical of what’s happening should also be front & center in helping bury the dead. They will then know just as the German ppl learned about what the black heart in humanity is about. The vicious black heart.

    • Rintintin


  • clear thinking man

    As we’re all seeing & will soon see is that ISIS is real, the present day issues that confront Islam is real and what’s going to happen soon will be all too real. No I don’t consider a rapper to be a valid, educated and vastly experienced source of news information. I find info elsewhere. Compare my experiences in journalism to Chingy’s view from his living room chair, well there isn’t a comparison.

  • clear thinking man

    What does anyone think about that dude that beheaded the woman in OK after losing his job? I think he’s a thug who converted to Islam in every wrong sense and wanted to die. Like many of these fools his FALSE PRIDE dictated that he’s too take ppl with him. Basically a copycat killer. He should be charged for capital murder, hate crimes and domestic terrorism. Give him the death penalty and solitary confinement til he’s dead.
    Yep he’s September’s killer of the month centerfold.

  • Rintintin

    Another of the seemingly endless loons who have only a tenuous grip on reality.

  • jono

    the brain of a cockroach is better than chingy’s

    • panda

      i don’t think he’s that clever

  • chris heath

    “Down-trodden” Black mans natural affinity to Islam. Kill the whitie – he’s the cause of all your problems. These guys have no concept that Islam was THE CAUSE of slavery. Its just been a brilliant cover up job.