The St. Louis rapper responded to the chatter and showed leniency towards John Demsey for using the N-word in a meme that also made mention of COVID-19.


Ever partied too hard and you don’t really remember the evening prior? Chingy can relate and then some.


Stop that right thuuur. Rapper Chingy has been laying low for a while, but after hearing his name mentioned in a rumor, the “One Call Away” artist spoke out to clear things up.


Howard Bailey Jr aka Chingy has been quiet musically for some time now but don’t think he hasn’t been busy at all. The “Right Thurr” singer has been working on diversifying his portfolio and looking to make strides in the tech world. The actor/multi-platinum musician has partnered with Amazon Alexa and VoiceXP to launch a […]

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Chingy hasn’t been a household name quite some time and when he has come up in the media of late, it hasn’t been entirely favorable. The St. Louis rapper’s knack for the struggle was on display again after a blind endorsement of GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump was recalled thus sparking some vicious slander.


Chingy has been dogged by rumors that he dated and smashed off trans woman Sidney Starr, which the St. Louis rapper has denied recently as this year. Despite Starr admitting she made the whole relationship with the “Right Thurr” rapper up, Chingy is still checking people online.

Hip-Hop culture has always been a lucrative means to lure in fans into subscribing to a product and that couldn’t be more evident than rapper cameos in movies as well as various television shows.

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Chris Brown had a host of celebrities partaking in his random #ChristmasChallenge and it was all made possible by Chingy’s hit record, “Right Thurr.” So says Chingy.

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There’s been a lot in the news about ISIS — Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham –since kidnapped journalist Jon Foley was executed by a member of the terrorist group, and an American man was reportedly killed fighting for ISIS in Syria.

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The 2014 perception of Chingy is that he’s a solid gold struggle rapper. While the St. Louis native hasn’t had a legitimate hit since MTV played videos on the regular, he’s coming out saying that it wasn’t entirely his fault.

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Who doesn’t appreciate Thanksgiving? This is the time where family and friends come together to show gratitude for their blessings over epic food; what’s not to like? Whether they indulge in the turkey and pumpkin pie or not, some rappers have chosen be less than gracious with the grand opportunities afforded to them.

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For every chart-topping rhyme slinger who marries big (see: Future or Jay Z), there’s a legion of rappers who get by on sheer luck.