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The 2014 perception of Chingy is that he’s a solid gold struggle rapper. While the St. Louis native hasn’t had a legitimate hit since MTV played videos on the regular, he’s coming out saying that it wasn’t entirely his fault.

His name has been synonmous with Sidney Starr, the transgender model who could pretty much fool anyone in the club looking to quench the thirst. While Starr admitted in 2012 that her allegations of Chingy sampling the best of both worlds were 100% basura, the Jackpot rapper still says the stigma associated with a sexual relationship of the like still cost him big. As in a record deal that could have potentially revive his stalling career.

“I remember that day when me and Ludacris had that show in Chicago,” Chingy relected to Vlad TV. “And one who I thought was a young lady that came up to me that wanted a picture…I thought she was a fan. She seemed pretty cool. I took the picture. And that was it. Two years after that, I see something come out of some bull crap about this transsexual person was in a relationship with me. I was just like everybody else. I didn’t have a clue at what this person was talking about.”

The news spread like wildfire all over the gossip sites and blogs. Chingy admitted it made him paranoid and skeptical to even take pictures with gay people who otherwise, were harmless fans. His newfound homophobia wasn’t without warrant, however.

“It injured my career a little bit; I watched it happen!” he continued. “I lost a deal ’cause of that–a record situation. It was said to me, ‘there was so much bad publicity around that’, it’s so crazy man.”

The former disturber of the peace artist cites his Christian beliefs in helping him forgive the tattling tranny but his tone and demeanor suggest that he’s not fully over it.

Check out the full video of the interview on the next page and decide for yourself if he’s truly ready to let bygones be just that.

Photo: Vlad TV

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