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Chingy has been dogged by rumors that he dated and smashed off trans woman Sidney Starr, which the St. Louis rapper has denied recently as this year. Despite Starr admitting she made the whole relationship with the “Right Thurr” rapper up, Chingy is still checking people online.

As we reported back in April, Chingy was a guest on VladTV where he went into detail about the rumor he and Starr had a fling. A known thirst bucket, Starr has named other rappers in the past in a twisted bid for fame or some other unknown reason. The rumors aren’t dying off and on Chingy’s Instagram page, he was found correcting a fan about the situation. That latest response prompted Starr to hop on Instagram and offer her two cents on the matter.

“Lil lady that will never be a fortay of mine and you should be ashamed of yourself for feeding into it,” wrote Chingy to the fan on his page. The fan was disappointed by the news, believing fully what was said. The rapper reminded the fan of Starr’s later confession which got the response from Starr.

Chingy says that Starr’s meddling cost him a record deal. Keep in mind Chingy had a good thing going in the early 2000s wth two platinum-selling albuns, but was it Starr or the quality of his music?

Hit the following pages to read the exchange going down courtesy of the good folks over at Baller Alert.

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