It is only a couple of weeks into 2023 and Flo Rida is already up big. He was awarded 82 million dollars in a lawsuit against Celsius Energy Drink.


Flo Rida may admit to being many things but he refuses to be called a deadbeat dad. But his baby mama Alexis Adams says other wise and is claiming that the “My House” rapper has been stingy with the child support and is taking him to court to get her just due.

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The curious case of Johnny Manziel continues to play out like an After School Special as the ex-NFL quarterback prioritizes partying over a pro-football career (White privilege at it’s finest).

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Veteran actress Jenifer Lewis will star alongside actors Keith David and Jamie Hector in the film, The Secret Of The Magic City. The drama is a coming-of-age tale focused on two sisters who band together to triumph over hardships and learn valuable lessons along the way.

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Donald Trump is definitely losing this year but he’s not down for the count.

The 2015 BET Awards red carpet gathered the Who’s Who from all sectors of entertainment, giving viewers a varied look at this year’s satorial spectacle.


Both Flo Rida and Pornhub know a thing about women and they allowed their common interest to unify them to launch a new contest titled “Next Big Recording Star.” The premise is as simple as they come. Artists will submit their songs with the “may the best man (or woman) win” motto stamped on the […]

The highlighted track in today’s Wired Tracks comes from French Montana, whose “Bad B*tch” single now features verses from Rick Ross and Fabolous.

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Diplo loves squabbling with his classmates in celebrity high school. Like the biggest bully, he’s back to stir up some more trouble and for no apparent reason. His latest victim? Taylor Swift.

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Flo Rida is currently trapped in a Maury Povich nightmare he’s not going to wake up from for at least 18 years.

    Everybody is known to make a lifelong friend or two along the way and it generally happens in high school. Same goes for a snot-nosed, pubescent fresh-faced rapper. As they struggle to pay attention in geometry and Shakespearean literature classes, their aspirations to becoming a celebrated MC increases. Big Sean relayed to us […]