Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks is back to doing way too much. The struggle rapper is saying she did not cook her dead cat for brunch.

According to TMZ, Jeff Kwatinetz is suing the New York-bred MC, claiming she's encouraging her fans to help her with a “coordinated campaign of extortion," which he claims includes online harassment and threats. The ex-manager claims in the suit that Banks has been harassing him for a while, but recently crossed the line by threatening his family over what she claims are unpaid royalties.

Just when you thought Azealia Banks had ran out of tea she brews a new batch. She has called out one Rap’s biggest names and then followed it up with a drastic makeover.

Azealia Banks may have been Twitter's hero earlier this week against Lana Del Rey, but after her latest confession--it didn't stay that way. On Sunday (May 24), Azealia Banks took to Instagram to get a few things off of her chest. In a random series of Instastory posts, the "Dexedrine" rapper discussed everything from her feelings about Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, to her opinion on how she's been treated in the game. In true Banks fashion, she flamed Minaj for not calling out Doja Cat after allegations emerged over the weekend that the "Say So" rapper mocked victims of police brutality with her song “Dindu Nuffin” in addition to being involved in racist video chats.

Lana Del Rey may have thought she was speaking facts when she dropped her soliloquy on Instagram, but instead the tone-deaf post got her dragged by Black Twitter, prompting Azealia Banks to drop a few facts of her own. As previously reported, early Thursday (May 21) morning, Lana Del Rey took to social media to share a controversial Instagram post that appeared to take slight digs at women of color. Del Rey named Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Megan Thee Stallion, and Doja Cat for having lyrics that glorify “bad girl” behavior while hitting back at her critics who say she “glamorizes abuse.”

Just when you think Azealia Banks would stay low and pops right back up like The Undertaker. She is now talking super greasy to yet another Hip-Hop legend.

One of most the culture’s most polarizing personas is throwing in the towel. Azealia Banks is dropping the mic for good; allegedly.

Lana Del Rey let the world know last night she is not the one. Habitual troll Azealia Banks suggested the singer should apologize to Kanye West and Rey responded to her by telling her to pull up, basically.

We bet you didn’t see this coming: Azealia Banks‘ beef with Elon Musk could be over soon. The “Anna Wintour” rapper, who is widely recognized for beefing with any and everybody, hit Instagram with a photo of the apology letter she says she sent Musk “a few days ago.”

Azealia Banks is a young woman with notable musical talent but lacks the desire to win in other areas of her life. While the truth of whether or not she was in Elon Musk’s house waiting on his girlfriend Grimes to record tracks is up in the air, the fact remains that the Harlem rapper […]

Earlier this week, Azealia Banks dropped a wild bombshell of a claim that she was holed up in one of Elon Musk’s homes waiting on his girlfriend, Grimes, to record some music. According to Musk, the Tesla boss says he’s never met the Harlem rapper and a spokesperson stated her claims about Musk using drugs […]

Azealia Banks has once more found herself in the business class of the struggle shuttle, this time adding drama to the lives of Tesla boss Elon Musk and his romantic partner, Grimes. Banks claims she was a guest in one of Musk’s homes in a bid to work on music with Grimes,, but said it […]