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Flo Rida may admit to being many things but he refuses to be called a deadbeat dad. But his baby mama Alexis Adams says other wise and is claiming that the “My House” rapper has been stingy with the child support and is taking him to court to get her just due.

The Miami rapper is rebuking her claims and according to TMZ sources, Flo has been making the $5,000 monthly payments for their 7-month-old son and is calling her accusations nothing more than a quick cash grab from his baby mama.

While Alexis says that Flo does put up the monthly payments, it isn’t enough to cover all her baby expenses and cost of living in New York City such as child care and ailments which as anyone knows can put a huge donut in anyone’s pockets.

Adams also claims that she never agreed that the monthly check of $5k was enough, but took it because she needed the money.

Naturally, Flo feels that Adams is being greedy by going to a judge to ask for a raise in child support but New York is the second most expensive city to live in across the US, so the courts just might rule in her favor.