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Chris Brown had a host of celebrities partaking in his random #ChristmasChallenge and it was all made possible by Chingy’s hit record, “Right Thurr.” So says Chingy.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, the St. Louis native showed his gratitude to Breezy for making his song the most viral record of yesterday’s holiday and may have taken a little too much credit for creating it.

I’m humbled by @chrisbrownoffical post I appreciate it. I have 4 awards for that record being #Number1 in the country. I’m showing 2; my granny got the others. When you make original music and jus be yourself an make people dance, that’s what happens. I wrote that hook when I was 16, the record came out when I was 23 years old. I’ve worked very hard to achieve any success I’ve had an still having. So for my first song to come out nationwide an I got a couple awards for it being #Number1 in the country is beyond flattering to me. I come from #NorthsideWalnutPark an all I had was a dream and I’m proof other artist can make it. One thing most people an media don’t talk about is how I changed the way the world talk an say different words like “there” as Thurr and “here” as hurr. Tha’s legendary history an greatness. I don’t have to ever make another song or album. Chingy will always be remembered by those 2 words “Right Thurr”. Thanx @chrisbrownofficial agin! Very talented an Kook young fella #PeaceAnLove #FulldekkFulosiphy

In 2000, some guy named Nelly took the world by storm with his Midwest sound by going 9X platinum with his debut album, Country Grammar. In 2002, he also released a Grammy Award-winning single titled “Hot in Herre,” a full year before the Chingy record dropped.

Black Twitter wasn’t oblivious of the facts either, and they ripped the St. Louie rhymer a new one, causing him to delete his poet laureate tryout.

Flip through the gallery to see the most hilarious reactions.

Photo: Twitter/Chingy

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