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Who doesn’t appreciate Thanksgiving? This is the time where family and friends come together to show gratitude for their blessings over epic food; what’s not to like? Whether they indulge in the turkey and pumpkin pie or not, some rappers have chosen be less than gracious with the grand opportunities afforded to them.

With Kanye West’s recent and prolific Yeezus rant tour, the once heralded musical genius was reduced to a whiny and complaining shadow of his former self. But the acts of thankless behavior in Rap go deeper than that.

We’ve seen the story play out numerous times. Said rapper pairs up with one of his peers and a recording contract is signed. They ride hard for their team initially but for whatever the reason the love turns into hate. Regardless of the final outcome between the two parties, it’s always shocking to see how some quickly they forget their come up. So in honor of this bountiful holiday, we present the top 10 most ungrateful rappers in the game in the following pages.

Feel free to chime in on which incident you found the most upsetting below.

Photos: Youtube, Jason Cooper, Warner Brothers, Universal

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