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Though Jim Jones has squashed his beef with Max's closest confidant in French Montana, it seems like Jim isn't ready to do the same with Max anytime soon.

Simms, real name Kelvin Leerdam, is also incarcerated and made the explosive allegations during a prison phone call.

Even though he sits behind bars Max B’s name will live forever in Hip-Hop. As he looks back at his career he now sees the error in his former ways.

Even though he continues to serve his time Max B’s name is still ringing in the streets. Wavy Crockett recently made an appearance on Joe Budden’s platform.


Though Max B’s been on his iron vacation since 2009, his name and presence on the New York Hip-Hop street scene still looms large and though he’s serving a 75-year sentence, his right-hand man, French Montana has hinted that the wavy rapper would be touching home sooner than later.


Looks like Max B will indeed be coming home a lot sooner than previously thought. Just a few weeks after dropping his latest duo project with French Montana, Coke Wave 4, the wavy rapper took to IG to reveal that his 75-year sentenced got cut down to a cool dozen in the bing, allegedly.

News If only everyone had a friend like French Montana. Ever since his comrade and brother in arms Max B was locked up a decade ago, Montana has gone to extraordinary lengths to make sure Max’s name isn’t forgotten out in a rap game that has a short memory when it comes to certain artists.


Hot 97’s annual Summer Jam concert goes down today (June 11) at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. Yesterday (June 10), headliner French Montana dropped a bombshell that Max B will be touching the stage. 

Max B’s been locked up for a minute now but thanks to French Montana his name still rings bells in the rap game. Keeping the wavy rapper on the airwaves like a true friend, French got Max on the horn with Funk Master Flex.

Max B is still out here making moves from a prison cell. The incarcerated rapper just dropped a new emoji pack featuring his image and slang.

French Montana recently took to Instagram to post a picture of the Max B. That’s not out of the ordinary save for the fact that Wavy Crockett was looking particularly swole.

French Montana just dropped some good news for Max B fans out there. But, it may not be good news for Max B himself.