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Max B

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Even though he sits behind bars Max B’s name will live forever in Hip-Hop. As he looks back at his career he now sees the error in his former ways.

As spotted on Complex the Harlem native has grown wiser throughout the years. In new jailhouse interview the man born Charley Wingate discusses one the craziest times in his career. Surprisingly when he was asked about his infamous beef with Jim Jones he admitted that he approached their issues the wrong way.

“It was just egos clashing, a lack of respect, a lack of everything. That sh*t don’t mix well,” he explained. “It should’ve went a different way. I think today, we would’ve handled the situation different. But, we was young. We was all crazy.” But he makes it clear his intention in joining the Byrd Gang was never to cause any trouble. “I wasn’t there for that. I was just happy to be involved; just in the game. I’m never going to come and try to take anybody’s sh*t” he added.

In speaking about the current times Biggavel feels confident the two have been able to deal with their problems reasonably. “Now we here. We older we got kids and people looking at us and we got to set the right example; we can’t be looking crazy out here. It is what it is. It’s all love.”

Most recently the Wave God released a greatest hits titled Wave Pack which you can stream here. You can view the interview below.