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Whether you think Foxy Brown’s name still holds weight in 2020 or not something that will be forever is her scathing tongue. She had some choice words for DJ Envy and it is clear she hasn’t lost a step in that department.


Foxy Brown is having a bad week, and her PR rep has spotted the jig. After allegedly swindling a promoter out his dough for a non-performance at a New York Fashion Week party, Lizzie Grubman has a resigned from her post as the rapper’s representative. 


While the general public has already cast a guilty verdict on Russell Simmons one of his former artists is standing up for him. Foxy Brown recently penned an open letter supporting Rush.

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After years of being overlooked or just ignored, Foxy Brown has found herself back in the limelight this week thanks to Remy Ma’s annihilation of Nicki Minaj and now with word that she’s given birth to a baby girl.

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Sounds like Foxy Brown is jumping into the Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma clash. Video has surfaced over her voice going in over Jay Z’s “The Takeover” beat.

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Foxy Brown isn’t mad that she was left out of VH1’s Hip Hop Honors show, in fact, she’s thankful.

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UPDATE: Foxy Brown took to Instagram to deny that she is endorsing Donald Trump.

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Who knew? On the low, sort of, rapper Foxy Brown was granted a key to the city of Brooklyn (we know it’s a borough, just run with it). 

It has been a long time coming but with all the platinum plaques and mounting accolades, female rappers have finally earned enough clout to be known for emceeing more than their estrogen.

A split second is all it takes for a person’s life to change forever — our favorite rappers included. That said, Hip-Hop Wired lists 10 rap artist who suffered devastating, life-altering injuries.

Hip-Hop culture has always been a lucrative means to lure in fans into subscribing to a product and that couldn’t be more evident than rapper cameos in movies as well as various television shows.

Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj’s “Flawless (Remix)” earlier this year set the viral universe ablaze. It got us thinking about the many other women before them who’ve helped set the precedent for female collaboration in Hip-Hop and R&B.