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Foxy Brown isn’t mad that she was left out of VH1’s Hip Hop Honors show, in fact, she’s thankful.

The Brooklyn rapper ‘s absence from the 2016 Hip Hop Honors was a not-so obvious omission seeing as how she hasn’t released an album since 2001 or mixtape since 2008 and has had some kind of beef with almost every honoree, host and performer that was invited on the show.

But, according to Fox Boogie, there was an “overwhelming outcry from fans everywhere” for her being left off the bill. So, to address the throngs of people who were wondering where she was, Fox took to Instagram.

She writes:

THANK YOU Beloveds!❤️❤️ And Be Clear Guys, This Is ONLY In Response To The Overwhelming Outcry From Fans Everywhere! I Awoke This Morning, To Our Fans Across The World’s TRENDING Outrage At (Reality Show Network) @VH1‘s Non-Inclusion Of LAURYN HILL & FOXY BROWN. Anyone Recognized, Whether The Contribution Big Or Small I Applaud.👏🏾 Personally, I’d Prefer Being Held To A Much Higher Standard In My Walk, But Fans Went Ballistic; The PEOPLE Have Spoken! We’ve Been Blessed To Set The Bar At It’s Highest Heights; Most Notably Receiving The 2016 Historic “KEY”🔑To My CITY of BROOKLYN🏦…..Therefore, Humbly Speaking The CALIBER Of HONOR I’d Aspire To Are Those “UPPER ECHELON”. After All Guys This Is VH1! Truthfully, The Only Accolade That Truly Matters To ME Is Of The MOST HIGH. Rest Assured, I’m In The Studio Perfecting This Incredible Return. Humbled And Blessed To Kill It Again! My Girl L BOOGIE (My Fav) And I, Have The Dopest Convo, Cracking Jokes In Our Caribbean Accents As She Prepares For An Amazing Overseas Tour. So, Actually Guys Let’s THANK @VH1👏🏾👏🏾 As We Are Definitely #TheDifference!!!! I LOVE MY FOXNATION! ❤️Fox! @platinumcamprecords@donpoohmusic@rachelnoerd💋

As you can see, she not only spoke for herself but the notorious Lauryn Hill who was also left out of the ceremony. Is it a coincidence that two women with perhaps the worst reputations when it comes to being professional weren’t invited? Or was it an oversight on the part of VH1? Either way, Foxy’s company doesn’t appear to be missed. VH1’s Hip Hop Honors show reportedly drew in three million viewers on Monday night.

Continued reading to see the short Instagram clip Fox made to drive her point home.

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