Trina may have thought her apology would ease the dragging that is taking place on Twitter, but as she quickly learned--it wasn't. On Thursday (June 4) Trina took to the airwaves to apologize after calling protestors "animals" before calling for a stricter curfew. On today's episode of the Trick and Trina Morning Show, the "Nann" rapper said that her comments were taken out of context before adding that her animal comment wasn't meant towards Black people. "I apologize for some of the comments I made yesterday when I was expressing how I felt about what was going on in my community here in Miami, Florida," Trina said. "I can see why people were offended by my comments and wasn't trying to discredit anyone's actions with police so I am truly sorry for that part; but when I was calling people animals, I was talking about looters, not people who were protesting peacefully. I am Black. Why would I call Black people animals when I'm Black? That would mean I am calling myself an animal."

Trina doesn’t play when it comes to her career and after Khia suggested that the two should go head to head in a #Verzuz Battle, Trina took time to show the “My Neck, My Back” rapper who the baddest b*tch is.

Dade County lyricist  Trina is speaking out about the incident that took place at a Florida WalMart earlier this week.

Miami rapper Trina had to show a racist white woman exactly why it pays to mind her business.

Trina and her family suffered a major loss this week. It is has been confirmed her mother is no longer with us.

Trina is in the middle of a messy public spat with an alleged ex-lover and fellow female rapper that got ugly over the course of the night, confusing many who didn’t know who the target was of the tough talk. KimBrocMics, a rising Miami rapper, got under the veteran artist’s skin with a tweet which […]

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The Diamond Princess’s been keeping a low profile for a hot minute but has lately been dropping some new records. Trina has even been rumored to be participating in the upcoming Miami spinoff of the massively popular Love & Hip Hop series.

Does Khloe Kardashian secretly want to be Trina? Her choice of men’s surely indicate so.

Trina, the undisputed Diamond Princess, has had quite the week regarding her return to rap and her ex-live-in-lover, French Montana.

Trina recently sat down with Peter Bailey in his latest NiteCap episode, where the Miami rapper opened up about her toughest breakup and detailed what she looks for in a man.

Although French Montana is taking his breakup with Khloe Kardashian in stride, his chick-before-last–Trina isn’t feeling so forgiving. Allegedly.

Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj’s “Flawless (Remix)” earlier this year set the viral universe ablaze. It got us thinking about the many other women before them who’ve helped set the precedent for female collaboration in Hip-Hop and R&B.