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Trina on TMZ

Source: TMZ / TMZ

Dade County lyricist  Trina is speaking out about the incident that took place at a Florida WalMart earlier this week.

As previously reported, Trina was shopping at a Florida Walmart when an unnamed white woman allegedly called Trina a “n*gger b*tch”, leading Trina to verbally obliterate the racist. Earlier reports say that Trina bumped the lady, which made her cry. But Trina denies that report and spoke to TMZ to tell her side about what led up to the verbal beatdown.

According to Trina, she was minding her business and heard the woman crying from a different nearby section of the store and went to ask her if she was “ok”, that’s when Trina said things took a racist turn.

“I didn’t bump into her in the store, this lady was way across in the kid’s section, just shopping with clothes, and she was just crying,” Trina said. “ I just looked over and was like, ‘Oh, hi. Are you OK?’ And she looked up like a demon—demonic, very evil, satanic witch. And she was like, ‘Get away from me, you n*gger bitch.’”

Trina stated that it was at this point that her friend stepped in and demanded the woman apologize for calling Trina out of her name, but instead the woman continued to give more attitude.

“As I got to the register, my friend said, ‘You owe my friend an apology.’ And that’s when she just looked around acting belligerent,” Trina continued. “I said, ‘Say it again. You called me a n*gger, and I am a n*gger—one that will whoop your ass.’”

The diamond princess also offered up some advice for other racists out there who feel that the current administration gives them the liberty to be ignorant to people of color in public.

“This is not the 1800s. This is not the slavery days,” Trina said. “I live in that area, in a very nice area. I don’t do racial slurs — this is not gonna happen. We’re not slaves, and you’re gonna get your ass whooped—anybody next time that calls me anything outside of my name.”

Check out the interview below.