In an explosive new report, video footage was unearthed that seemingly debunks the rapper's claims of self-defense after he shot and killed an individual inside a Walmart store.


Walmart found itself in the middle of a digital controversy to begin the week thanks to emails containing racial slurs  that were sent to people customers

In a move that makes all the sense in the world right now, big retailers will now require customers to wear masks.

One of the biggest national retailers has started putting more respect on the Black dollar. Walmart has stopped selling clothing that clearly goes against the movement.

Lil Baby doesn't play about his squad so when he saw that the mega-chain Walmart was selling knock-off versions of his 4PF chain, he had plenty to say. On Monday (Jun 22), Lil Baby took to Twitter to call out the retail conglomerate for selling fake 4 Pockets Full jewelry. In a single tweet, "The Bigger Picture" rapper acknowledged the fake chains by letting fans and the retailer know the approach they took was all wrong.

Dade County lyricist  Trina is speaking out about the incident that took place at a Florida WalMart earlier this week.

Miami rapper Trina had to show a racist white woman exactly why it pays to mind her business.

Walmart found itself in the middle of a growing call for a boycott of its stores after advertising a shirt calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump. All Tuesday morning (July 3), Trump supporters launched a hashtag #BoycottWalmart over an “Impeach 45” shirt.

Walmart need to put some respeck on Big Pun’s name. They have been peddling gear with the Bronx legend’s likeness but allegedly did not give his estate their proper coin.

The Hip-Hop style robbery continues. 2 Chainz caught Walmart red handed selling a sweater he popularized.


Someone at Walmart has a lot of explaining to do. The retailer apologised for running a product listing that described a color as “N*gger Brown.”

Walmart has been the epicenter of the struggle for many reasons over the years, but this recent instance is a not so friendly reminder that racism can exist even while shopping. A white woman inside the store got into a verbal altercation with a Latina woman and then dropped the N-word when a Black woman […]