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In a move that makes all the sense in the world right now, big retailers will now require customers to wear masks.

Kicking off things off, Walmart said in a blog post would start enforcing a new rule requiring patrons to wear face masks beginning Monday (Jul.20).

Per Walmart:

“As the number of confirmed cases has spiked in communities across the country recently, so too have the number and types of face-covering mandates being implemented. Currently, about 65 percent of our more than 5,000 stores and clubs are located in areas where there is some form of government mandate on face coverings. To help bring consistency across stores and clubs, we will require all shoppers to wear a face-covering starting Monday, July 20. This will give us time to inform customers and members of the changes, post signage, and train associates on the new protocols.”

This is significant being that Walmart is the biggest retailer in the country, with 5,000 stores nationwide. Plus mask-wearing now has become ridiculously political thanks in large part to Donald Trump refusing to wear one and Republican governors reluctant to mandate mask-wearing. Koo Koo Karen’s and upset Ken’s have been filmed many times bitching and moaning about wearing one.

The company has decided to let science impact its decision making when it comes to protecting its workers and customers following health officials and scientists, all stating that merely wearing a mask will slow the spread of coronavirus. Walmart is not alone either, other big retail chains Target and CVS have also said they will make mask-wearing a requirement to enter its stores beginning Monday.

Other retail chains like Apple, Starbucks, Best Buy were ahead of the game enforcing mask-wearing in its stores. Kohls announced on Wednesday that it too will also be requiring its customers to don face masks to shop starting Monday. Grocery store chain Kroger let its customers know via a tweet that face-coverings will have to be worn starting July 22.

We will be very interested to see how Walmart’s decision pans out in red (Republican-led) states where people tend to lose their minds when told to put on a mask.