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Crazy Target Karen

Source: Twitter / Twitter

Well one thing is for certain, MAGA cult members sure don’t like wearing masks. White pointed hoods that promote white supremacy maybe, but face guards that help prevent the spread of COVID-19, not so much.

According to News One the latest incident involving and anti-mask “Karen” came over the weekend when an unidentified woman in Scottsdale, Arizona decided to thrash a Target mask display because it’s her “Amerikan” right to live and die as she chooses regardless of how it may effect others around her.

Documenting her actions for social media purposes, the “blonde white woman” menacingly approached the harmless display stand before proudly stating “I’ve been looking forward to this sh*t all my f*cking life.”

The mask requirements have only been going for a few months now.

But apparently this has been a life-long quarrel between her Caucasian face and the cotton attire and she wasted no time in settling the score much to the dismay of Target employees who had no idea on how to approach the madwoman.

Unfortunately for the Rolex rockin’ Trump supporter, she was detained by police who then got an earful of bat sh*t conspiracy theories from the woman who claimed to be a spokesperson for QAnon who implored them to contact Donald Trump because, well, she’s crazy.

They should’ve tased her. Just sayin.’

Even though Donald Trump has recently changed his tune about masks and encouraged people to wear them due to the Coronavirus turning MAGA country into The Walking Dead, the damage has been done and his cult followers are standing by his earlier assessment that the pandemic is a hoax and masks are for wusses and non-Americans.

Looks like the “stable genius” just convinced a huge swath of his students to sign their own death warrants.

Eh, you live and you learn.

Wear masks, y’all.