Naturally CVS is cooperating with police on the matter and have already stated that they're taking steps to terminate Honig from his job.

In a move that makes all the sense in the world right now, big retailers will now require customers to wear masks.

Heather Lynn Patton, a California woman who reportedly works as a costume designer, went viral this week after a video showing her spewing violent and racist threats against Black people inside an Eagle Rock CVS was released. Patton claims that she was under the influence and apologized for her rant and allegedly was fired from […]

If anything that should make folks feel good is that most of the white people calling police on Black folks over nothing are getting payback in a major way. CVS has confirmed they let go the two employees connected to a recent coupon scandal at a Chicago-area store, this after apologizing to the Black woman […]

Another day, and another white person allegedly calling the cops on a Black person for doing absolutely nothing worthy of such a response. A Black Chicago woman says a CVS worker who is running for elected office called the cops on her over a coupon, this after the employee reportedly accused her of forging the […]


If you have Aetna stock, you just got caught a lick and got richer. If not, you might be thinking conspiracy theory since CVS is reportedly in talks to buy the health insurer. 

The CVS pharmacy chain is currently facing a lawsuit from four past employees in Manhattan, New York. In the suit filed on Wednesday (Jun. 3), the group alleges that managers in the chain ordered security teams to racially profile customers of color.

CVS has the distinction of not only being a place to pick up medicine and toiletries, but also a one-stop shop for tobacco products. Coming this October, however, you’ll have to head somewhere else for your smoking needs according to a statement from the company.

A New jersey woman filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against CVS Tuesday (April 16), claiming one of its employees wrote a racial slur on her receipt. Describing herself as “adult ethnic Korean,” the woman was “mortified” by the treatment.

A Chicago man was killed Saturday after police say he tried to steal crayons and toothpaste at a local CVS store but was apprehended and choked to death by the store manager. Police have not released the name of the store manager but say the victim was 35-year-old Anthony Kyser a barber affectionately known as […]