With COVID, the Flu and R.S.V. infections rising in the tristate, NY health officials want people to wear masks again.

Ice Cube confirms how he lost out on a $9 million payday to star in the Oh Hell No film after refusing the COVID-19 vaccine.


As millions of Americans continue to live life as if the COVID-19 pandemic is in the rearview mirror, experts warn that another surge is on the way as Europe is serving as an example of what to expect.

Brooklyn Nets star guard Kyrie Irving says he lost out on a 4-year deal with over $100 million for not getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

Amid the surge in COVID-19 cases, including 40,000 dead this summer alone, Bring Back Masks began trending on Twitter despite resistance.

COVID-19 catches Drake slipping, Young Money Reunion Show postponed.


Though many people have resumed pre-covid activities and customs the pandemic is still very much going, and Black and Latino people are apparently living as such.


For the past few summers New Yorkers haven’t been able to enjoy the hot weather due to the pandemic continuously producing variants that caused cases to spike whenever it seemed like we had things under control. Athough we’re once again living life as if COVID was yesterday’s news, think again.

This is another clear-cut case of why elections will always matter. A Donald Trump-appointed Florida judge has done away with the Biden Administrations' federal mask mandate.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has tested positive for COVID-19. The Mayor himself announced that he woke with a raspy throat on Sunday morning (April 10) and says he has no other symptoms.

Clay Travis, seizing an opportunity to dunk on the vaccinated, connected Irving's 60-point outburst on Tuesday (March 15) to the fact he hasn't had the jab which prompted some to drag the pundit's name through the mud.


While these seem pretty extreme given how relaxed the U.S. response to the omicron variant has been, it's nothing compared to how Chinese authorities were allegedly caught on video basically kidnapping citizens who they thought were infected with Covid