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The Cultureverse x POCLab x Walmart

Today (September 19) marks the launch of The Cultureverse, a new experience from the minds of POCLab in collaboration with Walmart as part of the retail giant’s ongoing Black & Unlimited initiative. The Cultureverse will bring participants into a world both educational and enthralling as the entire scope of Hip-Hop culture will be presented within the metaverse as fans navigate through the virtual gallery.

The Cultureverse x POCLab x Walmart

The Cultureverse is the result of POCLab and Walmart’s recently announced collaboration to create relevant content for the Black & Unlimited platform, giving one of the largest pathways to the metaverse to Black and Brown creators and bolstering diversity within the fast-growing Web3 space.

The Cultureverse x POCLab x Walmart

Hosted on Spatial, a Web3 hub for creators to build their own worlds and experiences within the vast metaverse, The Cultureverse taps the talents of over two dozen artists, designers, and brands for a curated experience that rightly centers Hip-Hop as we continue to celebrate the half-century triumph for the rest of 2023.

A neat addition to the experience is the celebration of Jet magazine, one of the first Black-owned publications to celebrate Hip-Hop music and culture.

The Cultureverse x POCLab x Walmart

The experience is now live and fans who wish to dive in can do so by following this link. Keep scrolling to see the full schedule lineup for The Cultureverse.

Open Today (September 19)

Art of Sound: Stroll through a virtual gallery showcasing curated digital artworks that encapsulate the spirit of Hip-Hop.

Listen to inspiring stories from artists who found their voice through Hip-Hop art. Hear about the challenges they faced, the impact of their work, and how they continue to push boundaries in the art world.

The Museum of Graffiti exhibits, educates, and celebrates thousands of graffiti artists who have transformed spaces into vibrant masterpieces.

Marvel at the creativity and talent on display, celebrating the vibrant visual culture of the genre.

Virtual photo booth: social engagement, content sharing.

The Main Stage: A series of panels, presented by Walmart, aimed to elevate the voices and perspectives of Black individuals who have shaped, influenced, and continue to drive Hip-Hop’s evolution.

A space where authenticity and knowledge converge, featuring meaningful dialogues that transcend boundaries.

Live and interactive content driving cultural conversations through panel discussions and keynote presentations. The programming will highlight artists and creators, where they will share their journeys and stories.

Black and Unlimited Gallery: A dedicated space where innovation meets imagination, and creativity knows no bounds, featuring four supplier-commissioned artists.

Walmart proudly commissioned four exceptional Black artists to craft one-of-a-kind works of art, commemorating Hip-Hop and drawing inspiration from the question: “What does Black & Unlimited mean to you?” This initiative sparked exclusive collaborations with these artists, providing a canvas for their creative expressions to thrive.

Sound of Style: Explore the Designer Gallery, a space dedicated to Hip-Hop fashion history and the work of prominent designers.

Experience a virtual popup showcasing collections of black-owned legacy brands from the 90’s.

Win wearables and shop for your RPM avatar.

Opening on September 26

Rock The Bells: Explore the ‘Rock The Bells’ experience, offering exclusive insights, engagements, and a preorder of the new book “The Streets Win: 50 Years of Hip-Hop Greatness.”

Access the direct shopping link for the book launch and pre-order from Walmart.

Experience exclusive video content from early adopters and legacy artists, storytelling their journey.

Jet Walls

Founded in November 1951 it was the first magazine to cover Hip-Hop long before mainstream media started covering Hip-Hop.

User journey through interactive Archives from 1980 – 1990’s.

Players have a unique opportunity for their avatars to be on the cover of Jet magazine.

Photo: Source: The Cultureverse / POCLab