Below is our attempt at listing the top Hip-Hop albums, EPs, and mixtapes that dropped this year, not ranked but in alphabetical order.

The Stamp Albums: Hip-Hop from Dorothy features a bevy of Hip-Hop classic albums highlighting the past four decades of the culture.

Slim Thug is the epitome of a humble giant. He revealed he was very flattered when he found out he inspired Lupe Fiasco to write “Hip-Hop Saved My Life”.

Here at Hip-Hop Wired, we've put our ears to work and amassed a collection of 10 of the best new Hip-Hop songs for the week.

A Twitter user sparked another of these passionate and subjective discussions in asking who the top five rappers in the same were but with a clever twist that forced some fans to think about their choices.

The United States government is putting some added respect on our culture’s name. The U.S. Senate has designated November as Hip-Hop History Month.

Beyond June and going deep into the third quarter, we take a look at what listeners will no doubt be clamoring for this summer.

Our culture will finally have a destination where its’ rich history will be formally exhibited. Some living legends helped break ground at the Universal Hip-Hop Museum.


Unfortunately, they didn't specify on which songs were played or which artists were used.