An emerging streaming app is about deliver even more Black excellence to its viewers. A new partnership is set to give our culture a bigger platform to shine.

In earlier times, the word "simp" was short for simpleton, but it has taken on a sexist, offensive angle in modern times.

If you’ve been privy to the booming cannabis industry across California, you’ve probably come across the STIIIZY brand in your travels. As one of the emerging leaders in the space, STIIIZY is set to open a new flagship retail store that aims to combine cannabis, fashion, and culture all under one roof.

It seems Reebok got the hint about the power of our culture. They just appointed one of the hottest names in fashion to an executive position.

Whether it is his lyrical style, making button-up shirts a thing or inspiring us all to boss up, JAY-Z’s impact can’t be denied. A new written work about the MC’s affect on the globe is in progress.

Hello, longtime Hip-Hop Wired reader and no, your eyes are not deceiving you. Yes, we know this is a Hip-Hop music and culture website, but we also know some of our supporters like to imbibe from time to time. We’re taking an up-close look at five cocktails that are perfect for these cold, chilly winter […]

Bruno Mars is one of a long line of musicians who have taken the styles of old and brought them to a modern audience to much fanfare and recognition within the industry. However, it appears that the Hawaiian pop star’s fame and good fortune is a point of contention for folks on Twitter and an […]