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Miami rapper Trina had to show a racist white woman exactly why it pays to mind her business.

During a trip to WalMart in Florida, Trina and the unnamed woman appear to be waiting in line to check out when the white woman apparently called Trina a “n*gger b*tch.”

In the short video obtained by TMZ, Trina can be seen yelling at a customer at the supermarket for attacking her with disgusting racial epitaph before heading out the store hurriedly as employees hold Trina back.

“Say it again,” Trina yelled at the racist woman. “Call me a n*gger b*tch again, call me a n*gger b*tch again!”

As the altercation simmered down, after the racist woman’s swift exit, police arrived on the scene where they were advised that the altercation started in an aisle after Trina accidentally bumped into the woman. Before the Miami legend could apologize, the white woman yelled at her to “watch out” before calling Trina out of her name.

The police reportedly did not make a report of the incident because Trina declined to press charges. They also reportedly did not speak to the woman who hurled the insult.

In other Trina news, the “Baddest B*tch” recently sat down with NBA legend Vince Carter for his “Winging It” podcast to discuss longevity in the music business, offering advice to women trying to make it in the music business, and why it’s ok as an artist to dislike your own music.

While discussing her tenure, Trina said she likes that new artists look up to her and shout her out before revealing that the homage and love is what makes her feel relevant.

“It’s funny to me because a lot of young women will come up to me and tell me stories about how I influenced them before they could even rap or that listening to me when they were younger got them in trouble,” Trina said. “I love hearing their stories because in a way it’s showing you relevance but also once they get on, they are reaching out to do a record or a feature with me and to me it’s like coming full circle because now I am relevant with new fans.”

Check out the interview below.