Vince Carter

The high-flying hooper amassed a number of awards, including Rookie Of The Year and becoming the slam dunk champ at the turn of the century.

Vince Carter has decided to call it a career at the end of the current season and his aerial expertise helped redefine the dunk contest in the 21st Century. Hoop heads on Twitter are joined in celebrating the 20th anniversary of the 2000 NBA Slam Dunk Contest where Vinsanity melted everyone’s face off with his […]

Miami rapper Trina had to show a racist white woman exactly why it pays to mind her business.

At the height of his career Vince Carter was often referred to as “Half Man, Half Amazing” due to his ability to defy gravity and make posters on a nightly basis. Though he signed with Nike in 2000 his Shox BB4 sneakers never really enjoyed the commercial success or cult following like those of Michael […]

Drake said that former Toronto Raptors NBA All-Star Vince Carter helped put the Canadian city on the radar of the Hip-Hop world.

Vince Carter has still got bunnies. The 40-year-old NBA vet casually threw down a between the legs dunk during practice. 

NBA veteran and Slam Dunk contest GOAT Vince Carter may give it one more go at All Star Weekend activity that made him famous.

Within the past two days we’ve seen two very posterizing dunks by LeBron James & Blake Griffin. Naturally it made us think of which five dunks would you put into the ‘Top 5 In-Game Dunks of All Time’? While it sounds simple, there can be arguments made for at least 25 other dunks to be […]