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Woman Receives 58 Years After Taping Her Boyfriend Having Sex with Her Daughter


In an attempt to spice up her sex life, a woman is now facing more than half a century behind bars.

Bobbie Jo Geveshausen, 43, will be serving  58 years in prison after she, along with her boyfriend, decided to add a third sex partner.

The third member happened to be her own 16-year-old daughter.

While her boyfriend, Edward Shockey, was engaging in sex with her daughter, Geveshausen played director and videotaped the act.

Happening on countless occasions, their sexual exploits were documented on DVDs.

Although the couple was clearly excited about their new partner, the daughter wasn’t too fond of helping her mom’s sex life.  Showing her boyfriend one of the recordings, authorities were contacted shortly after.

Shockey was sentenced to 25 years as a result of his participation.  The mother, according to reports, had a doubled sentence due to her betrayal as a mother.

Here’s the “stud” that was getting all the action.

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  • ladysaw

    43, she look like she “73”, she not gonna make it 58 years

  • TA

    That is really sad they she would betray her daughter like that and the judge was right double her sentence. Now her daughter will be able to move with her life and without her mother.

  • LM

    They both look like meth heads with the sores, bad hair and aging. Lame!

  • don

    Bobbie Jo Geveshausen – one sick Fawker.

  • horrible

  • beeyai

    And this is hip hop related how?

  • speaking of this ish…

    Well their goes the village that once was supposed to be raising the child!! Sick to see that we can’t trust our own mothers now…sick..are children supposed to be in fear of every damn person they come into contact with?? smmfh

  • H.B.I.C.

    the women in jail are gonna whoop dat ayazzzzzzz

  • mememe

    that’s terrible… hope they have a good time in prison lol 🙂

  • thicklikecornbread

    OMG! I just threw up in my mouth!!! They both are fugly. I cant see how the dtr dealt with it for so long. Its no way I wud want his balded headed, pimples on his scalp @ss on top of me. Eewww