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Noreaga Peeps How Def Jam Failed To Bail Out Jeezy [PHOTOS]



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  • fallow

    Hell yeah free Meeks why he still in is the bond that high??

    • dnoskeam

      He’s locked up for probation violation, there’s no bond for PVs.

      • YouDisappointMe

        That’s not even true. Like all things court related, once a date is set for a trial or hearing a bond can be set by the judge. It is only a guarantee that you will show up to the hearing or trial.
        In the first paragraph it says he bailed himself out.

      • dnoskeam

        Unfortunately, I’m very familiar with the court system. There is without a doubt no bond on parole & probation violations. There is no trial for PVs, the fact that you’ve been violated is the guilty verdict, if you get what I’m saying. You only go to court to receive your punishment. Hence, the reason there’s no bond. I’ve been violated well over 20 times, I know what I’m talking about.

      • Allergic To Ignorance

        So you are a veteran violator? Lol

      • dnoskeam

        Sad, but true

      • yomama

        You’re familiar because your bi tch a ss did two long stretches for some dumb shi t and you still haven’t learned. Hahahahahaha. Nighty nite, keep your bu tthole tight.

      • DaTruth4Liars


      • dnoskeam

        You always pop up outta nowhere everywhere I post, saying the same s**t. Take my d**k out yo’ mouth, or die trying.

      • DaTruth4Liars

        Ouch…one time wasn’t enough huh?

      • dnoskeam

        I’m free spirited, I have to do what I want to do.

  • Youknowwhatiitis

    Lol…the record label didn’t think bailing him out was a sound investment. In other words, he won’t sell enough albums for them to recoup. ROFL.

  • jerrylarry

    Wow come on we talking about jeezy he don’t seem like a dumb dude his albums go platinum and he is a wise business he has a large mixed fan based don’t sleep on him if ya thought he didn’t have his on million 2 bail out it had 2 b a reason he didn’t just get out…

    • DaTruth4Liars

      Well sitting in there for 4 days says a lot!

  • angryblakguy

    I didn’t think Nore was that stupid A record company help you attain success for your hard work and talent A record company isn’t responsible for making sure you stay out of bullchit,that’s your responsibility

  • DaTruth4Liars

    Bail him out for what? He is a grown man who got himself in this mess. He talking bout what he has or can buy, so he can bail his darn self out. Stop doing ish you have no business doing and you won’t need bail money.

  • Niks

    Free Meek? dude violated his parole…he needs to finish this time out so he can officially be done….then he can move out of the neighborhood in Philly and live his life outside of the ratchetness…and @dnoskeam:disqus the trolls are out dude…if you’ve done your time and you’re getting your life together, i commend you…