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15 Celebrities Who Denounced Being Jehovah’s Witnesses [Photos]


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According to his memoir E.A.R.L.: The Autobiography of DMX, The Dark Man was raised as a JW but found plenty of other ventures to get his hands involved with along the way.

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  • fj1

    hip hop UNWIRED has no idea what they are talking about. The majority of these people were never JWs. Just went to the kingdom hall occassionally. Never an actual member.

  • Rosemary Davis

    Unless you have dedicated your life and symbolize it by water baptism you are not one of Jehovah’s witnesses you are an associate.A child who was raised by up by Parents who are Jehovah’s Witnesses but the child never dedicated his or her life life does not mean that these ones are Jehovah’s Witnesses just because they at one time attended a Congregation or Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses but no longer do it’s always best to get the facts before you print an article such as this one..

  • Silentrascal

    Yeah, this was an utterly ridiculous article. There’s a big difference between being a baptized, practicing Jehovah’s Witness and someone who was simply brought up by Witness parents or was someone who might have stepped once or twice into a Kingdom Hall.

    • JUSTME

      Is YHWH David’s Lord?

  • Jennifer Schade

    As a child who grew up a “witness” yes, that is what my parents told me I was I didn’t pick it…I didn’t get to participate in ANYTHING. I was taught how to walk and talk like a witness, go door to door as a witness and so yes we as a family were JW’s. I was brain washed (to be honest no one in a cult ever believes they are being brain washed until they are out of it so the fact that you all will say you are not a cult doesn’t surprise or change my opinion…your “Leader…WTS”) and terrified of thunder storms thinking Armageddon was on it’s way. I became an adult and accidentally found out the truth about the truth. Someday I pray for all you JW advocates to have the same thing happen to you. God bless you all. The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society is a faulty and false teacher. Take away your brochures, read from a king james bible (or any bible not produced by the society) and you tell me where they are not false prophets and teachers. You advocate an ORGANIZATION not our God. jwtruth

    • Rosemary Davis

      I am so sorry that you feel this way would you like to talk???

    • Pesobill

      Well Jennifer there is always the Catholic church , the pope and the tooth fairy ..
      Hope you find your world of sunshine ,bliss and rainbows and throw in a Unicorn to boot .. By the way , my grandparents were witnesses in the early 1900’s and they used the King James Bible , your point ?? Take off your bias glasses ,your hate and do your research … A closed mind is a terrible thing ,,

      • Isabella Botticelli

        I love how you JWs always resort to name-calling and assumptions about people. You are the ones that believe in a fairy bubble of ‘happy people’ waiting for a utopian world playing with baby wild animals. SMH, take a look in the mirror, Pesobill.

      • d

        what name calling are you referring to?

      • Isabella Botticelli

        You can read Pesobill’s above comment, can’t you? Jennifer
        described her experience growing up as a JW, and she was insulted, criticized and her experience was invalidated. Maybe I just should have said that instead of “name-call,” but the result is just the same isn’t it? It’s called “ad hominem,” that’s when people attack the person rather than the issue – it’s meant to take attention away from the facts by people who can’t think of an otherwise intelligent response.

    • d

      never heard of ones thinking Armageddon coming as thunderstorm. we actually should be looking forward to it coming…the only ones that should fear,are those not living up to Gods standards. perhaps it was your parents teaching abilities that are at fault. maybe its time to rethink …. comments are your experience but not typical. no one finds truth accidentally. we all taught standards and have to abide by them whether its by our parents,school,clubs,organizations even governments require it….that doesn’t make them a cult just because we don’t agree with them or had a bad experience. Last i heard no one is perfect,mistakes are made,even with good intentions. Cults are from my understanding,very secretive….jw.org is very open and if there is a problem in that organization,don’t you think God will openly expose it like he has with Churches of Christendom….molestations, burning on stakes,genocide,crusades,war crimes etc. i could go on,perhaps later


      • Yer Mamma

        Yeah, I totally look forward to the wonton slaughter of 7 billion people.


        You’re as much of a psychopath as your GOD. I think you need professional help.

  • IJS

    Apparently the writer of this article doesn’t know the difference between “denounce” and “renounce.”

  • Tracy

    Janet looks Ovah!

  • Roberto

    Jesus clearly said in Matthew 7:13,14 “Go in through the narrow gate, because broad is the gate and spacious is the road leading off into destruction, and many are going in through it; whereas narrow is the gate and cramped the road leading off into life, and few are finding it.”. These people have seen that serving God at HIS terms was too difficult so they decided to leave the road to life and take the easy spacious road, as the majority of mankind do today… Many of them were never Jehovah’s Witnesses though, so this article is highly misleading.

  • Isabella Botticelli

    I was also a JW for over 40 years; it’s a strangulating life with a huge list of ‘dont’s’ – the majority of rules made up by the Watchtower. For people who like to be told what to do with every minute of their day, being a JW is ok, but it’s extremely difficult for
    creative types to be told they are not allowed to ‘think independently,’ to constantly
    conform, and to be told their talents are useless because the world is gonna
    end anyway. Good for them for breaking free of that cult.

    • Alrighty Then

      Aren’t most people who are raised within a religious household taught to believe what their parents believe? I think your “experience” as a witness is just that- yours. I was raised by JW parents and I was never hindered in any way. I was in school plays, went to dance class, played in the band- just like anyone else…and my parents supported me the whole way… The guidelines that are provided by the Watchtower Society in publications and in ministry are all bible based… I would go on a limb here and say every religion provides guidelines that they enforce to believers who want to be “Godly” “Holy” or “a good person”. To each his own, I suppose…

      • Isabella Botticelli

        Then you are unique among JWs, most do NOT receive the type of upbringing you do. For decades the Watchtower has been stuffed with articles discouraging every single thing you did! Most grew up without school dances, no band, on extracurricular activities b/c it was ‘bad association.’ You are the one with the different experience, not the majority of JWs raised in that religion.

        You also said, “Aren’t most people who are raised within a religious household taught to believe what their parents believe?” That’s true, but most religions don’t treat their children as if they are dead if they get baptized as a child then later decide they don’t want to be JWs anymore. The Amish do that on some level – JWs take it to an extreme degree. This is esp true if the child gets DF. According to your Nov 15, 2014 WT. DF individuals, even minors, are not only to be treated as dead, but destroyed by Jehovah.

        How many religious groups do you know treat their children/family that way (as directed by the Watchtower)? No, growing up as the average JWs is definitely not a piece of cake like your life was! And by the way, good for you! 🙂

      • I agree

    • Pesobill

      You will be assimilated …hahaha , love the “creative types” , uh huh..
      Funny , over the years I have known some very creative artists, musicians ,designers who were/are Jw’s and there was no conflict with their faith ..
      Think you are maybe referring to something different … ;-/
      Took you 40 years to find out you were not happy ??

    • roflagain

      Your bitterness accentuates your exaggeration and over dramatization.

      • Isabella Botticelli

        What “bitterness,” “exaggeration and over dramatization”?

    • I agree. I studies off and on for many years with the Witnesses, and I have been researching……..and its not something that I want to do. But i do believe some of their teachings in the publications. It sounds so convincing.

      • Yer Mamma

        If it sounds too good to be true…it probably is.

  • Isabella Botticelli

    Also, you JWs are nitpicking, you know that if you are raised by JW parents that you are expected to become one of JWs also, you are trained throughout your minor life to follow along with you parents beliefs. I think the point of this article is even if none of these people were baptized, they STILL lived the life of a JW until they were at an age where they could legally make their own decisions. I agree that “denounce” isn’t the correct word here. Rather, most decided they didn’t want to live the JW life and moved on.

    • George G.

      Most people move in, move out or move on every 20 years or so. More power to them! Ja Rule will probably move on from his current “F*U* JW, I’m a F*ing something Christian” religion.

    • Pesobill

      Koo KOO

  • korval

    “Imagine being raised in a household where there are no holidays, celebrated birthdays celebrated or no disrupting the general order of living.”

    Imagine being raise in a household where you understand where holidays and birthdays comes from and why they are not to be celebrated.

    We don’t celebrate birth days because the practice has pagan origins. We don’t celebrate holidays because many of them have pagan origins (e.g. Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc.) or give glory to religious figures who did not teach people truths from God’s Word (e.g. Saint Patrick’s Day, Halloween, etc.)

    Besides we don’t need holidays and birth days to force gift giving.

    • Jason Safian

      You might want to do some fact checking of your own on the origins of Jehovah’s Witnesses. You may truly be astounded. The very core beliefs that started the movement in the late 1800’s were based on pagan ideas and symbols(stars, pyramids, etc). Don’t take my word for it. Go check it out.

    • Yer Mamma

      Do you wear a wedding ring, those are pagan. Do you like the heart symbol, that’s pagan…quit being a buffet-Christian, either do it all the way or not at all, hypocrite.

  • sherr

    as the watchtower this sunday points out. there are people IN the hall that are acting up, and hiding what they are morally, against the bible. NOT AGAINST THE RULES OF JEHOVAHS WITNESSES…but against the Bible itself. So all the people that have something bad to say? Understand YOUR CHURCH is supposed to be in full agreement with those SAME MORAL CODES because they are in YOUR BIBLE..but you take them lightly. DOES GOD? and HE is the one with the kindom in his hands. this list actualy is a GOD thing. it shows the clean nature of the hall. NONE of these people are moral minded are they? they are not the type that BUILD a good family morally are they? they are not the type that are PRO marriage are they? In fact Sherry was so vile that prince got up and walked off the set. Jil seems to not be able to refrain from cursing eeven when the co singer is NOT…and the others are well known for being morally stuid. And as the bible states? THOSE personalities wont gain gods kingdom at all. I think other psoters are right. NONE were really practicing witneses. MJ and fam? made christmas hit songs as kids, and he died an addict muslim.

    • Yer Mamma

      The bible says not to shave your beard, yet ‘brothers’ in most parts of the world cannot have one. Jesus says only he is mediator between God and man, yet the governing body says they are mediators between man and Jesus. Disfellowshipping was supposed to take place in public so everyone knew what happened, yet the Elders with their ‘judicial committee’ meetings keep things private leaving publishers to gossip as to why a person was disfellowshipped. Two witnesses are required to prove child molestation has taken place, otherwise it’s kept secret and the pedophile is usually allowed to have positions of authority soon after.

      So, who isn’t following the BIble? Seems to me no church or organization is doing it right. Why follow any religion? 1914 was supposed to be the start of Armageddon, it will be 100 years next month. Do you believe God or man?

  • Pesobill

    This article is so poorly written and researched …First of all , you are NOT born into the faith . You take in bible information through study ,then dedication and baptism .. Having your grandma or mommy etc that are JW’s does NOT count … Funny , I did not know half of these people on this list , talk about low ranking pseudo celeb’s … Articles like this should be disregarded as fiction more than fact .

    • Hannibal

      Research and study a Bible that you can understand with an open mind. Most every thing people say about witnesses are repeating things they have heard and don’t have a clue. Ask Jehovah to help you see the truth. I studied false teaching for a long,long time . I am so greatful that I did it this way . Accurate knowledge is a deeper study that so many people never experience . Don’t sell us short we have an accurate understanding of Gods word. Please give it a chance you may get it as I have . You can always go back . Jesus Christ is the best teacher,of course he is he’s the son of God the almighty. It may take a little effort ,but its easy when you love Jehovah your happy I am and I know a lot of happy.

  • Yer Mamma

    Durr, durr, durr…JW.ORG apologists are annoying. Why don’t you go back to worshiping your golden calf website and Disney-esque cartoons and leave those in reality alone.

  • Linda McCleary

    Not surprising at all— there are more people who have dabbled and realized how awful it would be, or found out too late and left after dedicating, than the number of current or ever-will-be j. witnesses.