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Man Infects 23-Month-Old Niece With HIV, Herpes & Chlamydia [Photos]


A 33-year-old registered sex offender is being accused of easily having the worst criminal act of 2014, if not ever.

David R. Wilson was convicted of the sexual assault of a child in 2005 and served four yeas in prison. Upon his release, he began to stay with his sister where police say he infected his 23-month-old niece with HIV, genital herpes and chlamydia. To make matters worse, he is said to have done the same to a 14-year-old girl, but additionally getting her pregnant.

ABC News reports that last November, reconstructive surgery was performed on the toddler’s private parts after her HIV, genital herpes and chlamydia diagnosis was revealed. As for the teen girl, she told a caseworker at the Children’s Assessment Center that she had been having sex with Wilson for two years and she had gotten pregnant along the way. Her medical exam also came up positive for HIV, genital herpes and chlamydia.


Wilson is being charged with super aggravated sexual assault of a child, with the enhanced charge being due to the age of his niece. He is currently being held without bond. It is still unknown why he wasn’t arrested at the time of the original accusation.

Scroll the gallery below to see pictures of the case file.

Photos: Texas Department of Public Safety, ABC6

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  • It is not a punishment good enough for this POS except for castration without anesthesia. The 14 year old had a choice whether or not to deal with him but that two year child God bless her. Why would her mother even allow him in her home knowing his history?

    • CaribbeanGlow

      He needs more than castration. He also needs his hands removed. Even that isn’t enough, for someone this sick will always find a way.

      • Chay Chay

        This is when I’d be in jail for murder, straight up! I wouldn’t be able to live knowing he’s living after messing up my baby’s life like that!

      • Merina Bustamante-Taylor

        You and me both. I’d be d@mned.

    • bigdawgman

      Don’t know for sure, but these things usually run in families. Bet him and the sister have been molested, and probably grew up doing this kind of thing.
      We need to bring back public flogging. Just whip this POS every day for the rest of his life.

    • mizz new money 2u

      The 14 IS a KID

      • kyle

        And this POS started on her when she was 12. She cannot consent.



      • rosie

        i agree with u it started at 12 but at 14 she is still a young child he was clearly is the adult he took advantage of the fact she was a child ,,,i was molested starting at the age of 3 it lasted til i was around 11 ur telling me i had a choice i was a child doing what i was being told regardless the age he molested children……


      “the 14 yr old had a choice?” you are just as sick as this fawk.

    • Taiana Aubrey

      that’s what l’m saying smh that mother needs her butt whooped and the man that did this needs to be put to death

      • PolkaDots

        The mother needs to be arrested for child endangerment. She KNEW his history. Shame on her.

    • CC

      Why would you say that…”the 14 year old had a choice”…that’s stupid! She is a child too! Rewrite your post and make sense.

  • Youknowwhatiitis

    The black community ain’t sh|t..this n|gga should be in a pine box not a jail cell…

    • Jrob

      Uh I agree this man needs to be taken out but umm stuff like this is not exclusive to the black community. Did you miss the story about the 2 wm who video taped their sick act on a 8 month old?

      • Guestest

        That story made me so mad. Ugh!

    • Guest

      The black community wouldn’t give a funk cause half of them have std’s too. Ask a black person to take a blood test & watch them look at you like you crazy

      • Jrob

        Take a dna test and you’d find out your mother and father are siblings

    • Notmycandy


    • cool breeze

      the white community aint sh*t either

    • CC

      You ain’t sh*t! But I agree this man ain’t sh*t either! It’s not about a racist thing…it’s about a man who needs to get the needle.

  • Entertainmentluvva


  • Guest

    No surprise.Seem typical to me. A lot of these baboons are no good. That’s what you baboon women like though cause that’s what I
    see you cuddled up with walking round like you won a prize cause you
    one of nastiest and sorriest men known on the street.

    • CC

      Your white women like them too.

  • Anita

    The Devil is NOT a lie. The other prisoners will murder him….. I give him 6 months to live. God bless the children.

    • Notmycandy

      Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

    • yesyesyall

      that is an age old LIE…the prison system is so full of these roaches that they wont do a thing to him…it’s 2014…not 1974. He will fit right in!

      • Darling

        Agreed. It’s not like it used to be- especially amongst black men. Back in the day he would be mince meat for an act like that. Now, other prisoners won’t do anything. If the mother isn’t doing it, no one protects our children now.

  • thewholetruthandnuttenbut

    Wow. He has mental problems for sure.

  • Marquis de Sade

    This is another in a long line of failures that lies at the feet of the judicial system. A monkey like this should’ve been put down after his first offense. The only thing of substance he has to offer society is a quick, but excruciating execution.

  • Hello86

    This is sickening. Just by looking at this guy I would never think he would do something like this. Wow!

    • You’renotme

      That’s why they say looks can be deceiving! This guy is PURE EVIL!

  • Notmycandy

    Pour bleach on him and set him on fire asap!

  • You’renotme

    This makes me cry! DAMN! hell I didn’t know you can have all those STDS at the same damn time! Ughh This guy needs DEATH! That poor baby. He is one sick mofo! This should be a lesson to these grown a$$ teens bedding grown men. Go to school. They need to kill him before the guys in prison do it. He is pure evil

    • kyle

      You are right. Grown men chasing down young teenage girls. Girls dumb and naive enough to go with them! Having babies, no advanced schooling, lucky just to NOT get an STD… STOP the madness! Watch your children, ADVISE your children, guide your children.

  • Rashida

    Kill him!

  • az

    Sentence to Death!!!!!

  • lisha thomas

    Now this is the most sickening story I have ever entertained. This Manic needs to be burned alive.

  • Merina Bustamante-Taylor

    Put this filthy thing UNDER the jail. Are you serious?

  • jaymich

    Drop kick this fool into an active volcano!

  • MrsMommy

    Is this the same woman who allowed a complete stranger that she met over the Internet, to pack up his two suit cases and live in her home? Then he proceded to choke the chit out of her when she didn’t live up to her Internet photo?

  • james Mcphail

    Give him a sandwich and send him to Missouri.

  • anonymouse

    Brother or not, why would you allow a convicted s#x offender in your home? Black people need to cut off their criminal and otherwise dysfunctional relatives.

  • smh

    Gen Y’s got to do better.

  • mizz new money 2u


  • This is a sick story.. But really he messed up these kids lives for no reason…smh

  • RaptureReady

    Does anyone want to fast with me for 40 days because shat like this needs to be rectified? Let me know because I am going to start next Wednesday, October 29th. I am tired of people just doing whatever they want to do to innocent people, especially to our babies and children. I ain’t got the answers ****in my Kanye voice**** but I want to start with a fast for a supernatural response.

    • Crystal Richie

      I want to!

      • RaptureReady

        Then let’s do it starting at midnight on Wednesday with only lemon water. If this is your first time just go as long as you can go because any amount of time is beneficial.

      • Crystal Richie

        What is your facebook? I didn’t know you responded to me. Add me as a friend

      • RaptureReady

        You seem so nice dear. Unfortunately, I am not on FaceBook, but if I ever signup, I’ll be sure to add you first.

        Enjoy the holidays dear.


    • RaptureReady

      My comments keeps being held, so I will wait to see if it is approved regarding fasting protocol and encouragement.

  • Guestest

    This is one sick mf! Why the hell is he smiling in his mugshot? He should be tortured to death. PERIOD

  • Suk_m3_h47d

    They’re gonna BUTCHER him when he gets to prison.

    • yesyesyall

      no they won’t it’s 2014…the prison is FULL of men like him…they wont touch him.

  • Woo Hoo

    This POS need to be given the chair! Forget the lethal injection.



    • JohnJohnnie

      That sounds like an excellent idea to me. He got the monster so he may not get everything coming to him in prison except from those who got it or those that don’t care.

    • yesyesyall

      You must not know about ISIL raping young girls as well.

  • Howard Coles

    Very Good God [Destroy David R.Wilson Evil Spirit][Destroy David R.Wilson Wicked Spirit][Destroy David R.Wilson Bad Spirit][Destroy David R.Wilson Evil Soul][Destroy David R.Wilson Wicked Soul][Destroy David R.Wilson Bad Soul][Destroy David R.Wilson Evil Spook][Destroy David R.Wilson Wicked Spook][Destroy David R.Wilson Bad Spook][Destroy Devil][Destroy Satan][Destroy Demon] [Destroy Jinn]

  • yesyesyall

    Where are the black people rioting and marching for his execution…huh? CRICKETS

    • May Common Sense Prevail

      Outside, awaiting your instructions.

  • PolkaDots

    That poor child! Why in the h3ll would her MOTHER allow him to move in with her knowing his charges/history?! This is CRAZY! The mother should be arrested for child endangerment.

  • dnoskeam

    I hope they kill that b**ch, I pray they kill that b**ch, and I don’t even pray. But I believe God will answer this prayer.

  • CC

    Skip trial for this man send him straight to the chair.

  • YouKnowYouAintShit

    Why am I just now seeing this????!!! I try my hardest to not look at stories like this, but a BABY THOUGH???? A BABY???? No, f**k the chair, f**k lethal injection. What they need to do is deny him health care and watch his a$$ rot to death. Killing him would be too easy. This why I don’t trust anyone with my son. I can’t take these type of chances. The people in this world are way too disgusting for me. I’ll quit my f**king job before I let my baby off with a stranger, let alone someone who seems suspect.

  • Cap’n America

    Ƒυcкιηg αηιмαƖ.

  • michele

    His D!ck and B@lls need to be chopped off and he should wear a sh!t bag for the rest of his days.

  • lojay1982

    This is sickening..he needs to be put in front of a firing squad!!! Sick to my stomach, he’s pure evil.