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Officer To Be Fired For Police Brutality In Indiana [Pics]


An Indiana policeman may lose his job after authorities say he unnecessarily struck a teenager while he was being arrested and subdued by other officers.

Indianapolis Police Chief Paul Ciesielski told reporters in a news conference that he had called for the firing of Officer Jerry Piland after an internal investigation determined that he used excessive and unnecessary force in the arrest of 15-year-old Brandon Johnson.

Johnson, a biracial boy, claimed he was beaten because of his race when he and his younger brother were arrested on May 16.

Investigators found that Piland used his knee to repeatedly strike Johnson in the face and shoulder even though two officers had subdued him leaving him with a bloodied face, broken nose and chipped teeth.

One of the arresting officers, Officer Oliver Clouthier, was praised for putting a stop to the beating and ordering Piland to leave the boy alone.

Police Chief Ciesielki told reporters that the department would not stand for this type of behavior saying,

“It was a difficult decision, but I know it was the right decision to terminate his employment because that certainly serves as an example that we have a zero-tolerance policy”

Black community leaders and Johnson’s family want an investigation to be conducted to see if his civil rights were violated.

All three of the officers involved in the incident were white.

The attorney for the boy’s family says Johnson asked officers why they were arresting his brother after the boy was seen trying to kick in the door an abandoned building.

Johnson was told to go get an adult and reportedly did so but when he questioned police again he was reportedly struck.

A police report says Piland hit the boy with an open hand before “using his knee to apply pain” when the boy fell to the ground.

Internal affairs investigators reportedly interviewed 27 witnesses, spoke with Johnson and his family, reviewed a 911 call, listened to radio calls and examined laptop computer messages.

The police chief’s call for Piland’s firing will go to the Civilian Police Merit Board which will ultimately decide his fate.

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  • alicia a

    how dare that racist azz pig do that to that young boy, he can question them if he wants thats his right! How can this b call hiself a man and he beats a innicent boy who obviouslt wasnt fighting back what a coward? plus he just mad because the boy more than likely has a white mother and a black father! 83% of mixed kids have a white mother and black father and 17 % have a black mother and white father! But be that as it may i dont agree with moxing with racists but that was just out of hand.. nobody deserves that !

  • nicci

    see thats that shhhh i b talking bout u have never ever heard of a black police officer doin this to a white kid its to the point where white officers do it to us an alot of them get away with it . its about time they put an end to it fry him asap

    • pro_da_gee

      that’s because white kids dont get arrested at the rate that brothas do, and there are not that many black men working, let alone them being a police officer.

  • Hi_Man

    F*** the police!!!!!!!!

    • pro_da_gee

      its stupid a*s comments like that will never allow us to move forward as a society. you dont know what tone this so called child was talking in and what kind of language he was using. so dont be quick to judge.

  • SweetIngredients

    Damn, that’s awful!

  • Jen

    Why exactly was firing this officer a “difficult decision”?

  • pro_da_gee

    read the whole article he was stopped by the other white officer and there were 23 witnesses not one person spoke up. i think they set this white officer up..

  • NaptownChick05

    I’m actually from Indianapolis and I am not shocked at all by the behavior of the officer. The Indianapolis Police Department has been exhibiting police brutality for years now. I’m glad to see one of these a$$holes have finally been caught and I hope he gets prosecuted to the full extent! I hope justice is served to the young man and his family!

  • StPaul

    it does not matter what tone the young boy had, or what kind or language he was using,he was already subdued by another officer.from that point it was assault an battery,straight up, that cop could an should have been arrested,their an then, how could anyone not be out raged, black/white it does not matter. before we are black or white man or woman. we are all people, an what that cop did to that boy, hurt an insulted everyone ,even those who don,t realize it